21 Days “No Media” Challenge!

A new challenge with Christine Lewicki

Mos of us  spend countless hours a day in front of the television  spoon-fed by programs that talk about crisis, negativity, crime, murder, drama and  consumerism. We get lost in newspapers that bring us more polemics than information. On  internet we visit sites for entertainment to distract ourselves from our gloomy lives and we let ourselves get absorbed in other people’s lives on social media networks.

During the beginning  of the new year  2014,  I choose to discover what my daily life could  be like by weaning myself off my addiction to the media.
I believe that I still spend too much time consuming information that pollute my mind and soul and I want it to change.  I want to create some EMPTY space to create and see more clearly!

“21 Days “No Media” Challenge” from January 1st to January 21st 2014 (which happen to be my 40th birthday! )  This challenge consists in cutting myself off from all media during 21 consecutive days ( TV, radio, press, social networks). I would not  be surprised to discover at the end of the 21 days that the world still continues to spin and that I will not have “missed”  anything much greater than what I will live during this challenge.

I don’t intend to cut myself off from all medias my entire life.  I just want to wean  myself off from this habit of letting myself get spoon-fed by the media.  I want to wean  myself from my habit to radio, press, television or internet that inundate me with information that I may not have chosen to take-in.  I want to regain control of what I  allow to take-in and become master of my own mind. I also want to be more present in my own Life!

During the challenge, I’ll  be allowed  to read my emails ( but will not be able to  click on  drama filled articles),  I’ll  prefer using  the telephone to stay in touch with others, read all the books I can, write letters and listen once more to all my favorite music CDs. No radio, no social networks, no press and no television.

Following my  21 day “fast” I ‘ll be able  to  resume consuming media in moderation by remaining in control of what enters my field of consciousness.  To keep the nutritional analogy, I will choose sources of information rich in fiber, colors and vitamins!

WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN ME IN THIS NEW CHALLENGE? You can start  anytime by signing up on the FACEBOOK group! ( I will personally disappear from social networks until January 21st  but my assistant at O Coaching team will be able to post  once in a while!)

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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