A Landing Page (a.k.a. capture page or splash page) is an informal, one-page website that is generally placed in front of your business website and is designed to “capture” your prospect’s information (their name, email, phone number, etc).

Once you capture your prospect’s information, you can continue to sustain a relationship with them by sending them valuable information such as: emails, free reports, ezine subscriptions, e-courses, etc.

One of the most important aspects of your business is your Landing Page. In fact, I would argue that your Landing Page is the single most important part of your business.

Why? It’s simple. When a prospect lands on your page, they immediately find that there is a real person associated with your business. Instead of pouring through a boring business website, your prospect encounters an individual with a personality, leadership skills and unique qualities.

Immediately, you create a bond of trust between yourself and your prospect. As they read your bio, watch your videos and look at your pictures, they personally experience you and your business style.

Most small business owners simply throw together an ill-designed page that converts poorly. If you want a high-converting Landing Page, then you must follow a step-by-step recipe for success.
The other afternoon, my daughter and I were baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. We lined up all the ingredients and began our process of measuring, mixing and baking. Suddenly my daughter said to me, “Mom, let’s just make our own recipe and find out what happens!”

Well, I am always up for a challenge. So, we decided to make a special batch of “Peanut Butter With a Bit Of Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

After putting together the ingredients and baking our concoction, we weren’t so thrilled with the results. We both admitted that we better follow the recipe next time!

Business owners make this exact same mistake every single day. They decide to build a Landing Page in order to “capture” their prospect’s information.

However, most Landing Pages end up being a haphazard conglomeration of pictures, hype and nonsense that doesn’t appeal to the prospect. If you want a successful Landing Page then you need to follow a recipe.

I have found that there is a step-by-step process to putting together a Landing Page that will produce a large number of prospects. Here it your 3-part Recipe:

1) You need a compelling HEADLINE. Like it or not, you only have three quick seconds to capture your prospect’s attention. Therefore, you need to put quite a bit of time and energy into creating a fantastic headline that compels the prospect to stay on your page.

2) Throughout the BODY of your website, your job is to create a relationship with your prospect. This can be accomplished through bullet points, great ad-copy, audios, and videos. The only purpose of the BODY of your website is to create a connection with your prospect.

3) Finally, you need a CALL TO ACTION. Once your prospect has looked over your site, you need to tell them what you want them to do. In addition, you will have much higher conversion rate if you offer something of value to your prospect like a downloadable report or e-book.

Remember, there is a recipe that you can follow to realize success and high conversions with your Landing Page. You just need to put the ingredients together correctly!


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