Summer is here, the kids have put away their backpacks, the BBQ  grill is ready and the Rosé is on ice! We are ready for a calmer rhythm and  beautiful summer evenings with family & friends. Summer is a joy!

And yet,  I don’t know about you but even though I really want to slow down and enjoy summer, I don’t want to have to pay for it in September.  We spend such energy  working on our business growth & development all year, it’s shame to lose momentum in the summer and then have to double up our energy and efforts in the fall  to relaunch it especially when we are heading for the last haul and trimester of the year.

What if summer became an ally to our success ? What if summer was not only a source of  rest and relaxation, but also a source of wealth and power?

Here are my 4 tips to put summer at the service of your projects:

  • Dare create the space for your creativity.  During the summer we have the luxury of more time! We can ease up on our to do list and our emails and finally enjoy  activating our creativity. Do you dream of writing? We are entering a season particularly well suited  to advance on a book project or take care of a blog.  Step by step,  have the gentle discipline to dare put your great ideas on paper.
  •  Create your vision for the next upcoming months.  As we are taking some distance for the daily spiral of activities, summer is a privilege time to reevaluate your vision for the fall. You can use  techniques like Mind-mapping and answer the following questions:

–  What are 3 projects that are close to my heart in the next 6 months ?

–  What means do I have to devote to these projects? ( time, competencies, money …)

– What quality time do I want to put at he heart of my life to take care of my source ? ( yoga, singing, dancing, nature walks, meditation…)

– Do I feel like enrolling in a seminar or training ? ( what and how much…)

– How can I contribute more value to others? ( my colleagues, teams, clients …)

– What are the 3 actions that I want to put in action in September to have the biggest impact in my life ?

  • Reconnect with the wisdom of your body and your soul .  With the weight of stress and responsibility, we tend to surrender control of our life to our brain. Our brain manages, avoids problems, finds solution… we spend a great deal of our year reasonning, thinking , analyzing and coming up with solutions. Our brain is the boss and our future depends on its ability to analyse situations and make the right decisions.  This  summer, I’d like to invite you to quiet  your brain and use another form of intelligence. Not the brain intelligence, but the intelligence of your body and soul. What if your heart was seeking to  tell you something ? Are you read to hear and listen?  Todo so, you need to disconnect from your brain a bit, empty the space and reconnect with your inner self. Danse,  mediate, move, explore the possibilities of your body are all ways to do that.  Remove the blockages which prevent brilliance to emerge and dare see the invisible and hear the inaudible.
  • Celebrate. Summer is also the time to celebrate. Celebrate what we have accomplished   over the year and take the time to rejoice in the beautiful things that life ( or other people)  has brought us and which may  have gone unnoticed. Take the time to SAY thank you to significant others in your life, your spouse, family, friends, colleagues, and life in general. We have such an innate ability to express our complaints and dissatisfaction focusing on what others have done poorly or not done for us..  let’s make an effort to whine ourselves from all  negativity and let’s have the guts to develop our celebration muscle. 

Do you also feel like allowing your great ideas emerge and receive support to reveal the best version of you ?  You can still  join the 21 Day Challenge to Quit  Complaining and Bitching going on right now  or if you want to work deeper then book a VIP Day with me in the fall!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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