6 Golden Rules to Master Time

I rush, you rush, he rushes, we rush … do you rush? If you do , this article is for you!

Viison without action

You’ve been wanting to write a  book for many years, but never find the time to start ? You’ve been wanting to take this trip for the last 5 years, but work, the kids, your sick grandma are obstacles on your path ?  Or you seek to make changes in your professional success, but always find excuses to postpone ( when the kids will be bigger, when your to do list is done, when you can see clearly, when you’re less afraid to alter your life balance that you work so hard to maintain …)  In the end, you procrastinate  and spend your day dealing with all the urgencies knowing that you are sidestepping a whole aspect of your life. Guilt settles in and time becomes your #1 enemy. Don’t panic, solutions are on the horizon.

Time bomb

I’ve identified 6 more Golden Rules that have changed my own life.  ( other 4 Golden Rules) Why not yours ? 6 tips that have allowed me to make progress and take action  on things that really matter to me without slacking on my other responsibilities.

1. I deliberately choose to slow down time 

Have you sometimes used these comments during a conversation :” Where did the time go ?’ or “The older I get, the faster time goes ” … ? Start by banishing these seemingly harmless remarks from your conversations.  Remember that “Your words create your reality”. If you declare that time goes too fast, and worse if you tell another person, it is very likely that you won’t see time go by.  Starting today, observe your day unfolding, take a break every two hours for instance, go take a walk in nature, take a few deep breaths by an open window or choose any other resourceful activity. Stop time for an instant. Strange enough it will seize to escape you. You can then go on to the second golden rule.

2. I anchor myself in the present 

I heard once that the past creates depression and the future anxiety. It is an exaggeration, but it forces us to focus on the present, the only tangible reality in our life. Easier said than done. It comes with practice, I still find myself going back and forth in my  mind in between the past and the future, what matters is to identify it and press “pause”. If my brain is overheating with a thousand thoughts a second, I take a big breath and use what I learn in yoga. You’d have a good chuckle  to see me heads down to change perception in an instant. The next minute, I feel anchored once again. This trick works for me now,  which one will you use?

3. I set up personal challenges 

I particularly love one of the workshops in the Wake Up  seminars I lead  several times a year. It consists of making a list of your most cherished desires for the upcoming year. During this exercise rays of  sunlight illuminate the faces of all the participants as if liberated from their barriers and conscious  or unconscious limitations. I then ask them to prioritize twelve objectives that make their hearts sing ( big, medium or little ). From there, everything is possible! Example:  You want to write a book: start a challenge to write every day, if only for 15 minutes for the next 21 days. Who says you have to write 6 hours a day to become an author? The habit will be anchored in you and the book will take shape. Be grateful for all the steps you took. Step by step on the stairway of time, you aim towards the realization of your dreams !  Consistency and repetition of all your little efforts towards your GREAT project will make ALL the difference.

4.  I sort out my agenda

Yes, like the old adage goes, to choose it to let go … Take a  look at  Monday and then all the days  of the week ahead in your minister’s schedule. Can you void out some areas which yesterday would have been  unheard of. No, really ?  You are in resistance.  I proceed this way regularly revising my agenda in function of  the things I want to put at the heart of my life. I seek to simplify my commitments, to devote to less things but to devote myself fully to create more value for me and others. How many things do you do without choice , but rather out of a strong sense of obligation?  Because you think that you “have to” or fear to not be a “good” person if you don’t ?

What if you dared say “no” to certain of these things in order to say ” yes” to other things that have more value in your eyes.  What if you dared not do any of some tasks? For those that must absolutely be done , dare to invest and delegate what pollutes you ( it could be housework, shopping, weeding, paying bills ?) and contribute instead on actions that fill you with joy and make a difference. I can already hear you say ” For me it’s different, I can’t, I don’t have the money…” think about the waste of some of your days where you devote your time to do things that you “have to do” without creating any real value.

5. I create the space for projects that  matter to my heart 

I’ve personally learned not to let myself get invaded by useless and valueless activities and to block out a real space in my agenda to move forward with my great ideas. For example, when I plan a new seminar, I decide to devote myself one evening a week to prepare it  in a cafe with an inspiring atmosphere.  A few years ago, it was unthinkable to get away and deprive my kids of my presence at bedtime.  My husband was open to let me have this free time for my project and my daughters were thrilled to spend the evening with their daddy!  The same when I was writing my book  “J’arrête de râler”  ( I Quit Complaining!) I chose to spend the first hours of my day writing. I started getting up at 5:45 AM ( which  was unheard of for me to wake up before  7 A M,  so I had to alter my pre-conceptions)  to write an hour before the kids got up.  I’ve recently started to create a new space in my agenda to take a step back. Every 4th Friday of the month have become  “reflexions days” to work on my projects out of my house or my office.  I don’t bring my computer but only a pad and my coloring pencils. I spend the day in an inspiring space ( the beach or the  lobby of a nice hotel for instance ) and I make a MindMap to put in place all the beautiful things I want to create in my life. What a delight to be able to get away from the daily grind and spiral and to allow everything to emerge and reveal itself through me !

6. I put discipline at the heart of my daily life 

STOP  multitasking!  We, women are particularly good at it. The  dare is to get rid of it and to do one task after another more effectively ( without losing sight of  taking care of ourselves !) If you want results, there are no secrets. Start a project and finish it before starting another to avoid  dispersion.  I block out some time each day when I am not allowed to check my never-ending  emails or allowing social media to entice me  ( POMODORO  is a great tool to discipline and keep me focused)  I take advantage of these moments to anchor myself completely in the present moment. If this seems too difficult to put in action, cut off your internet connection or better yet, get away  to a no connection area)  Yes, yes, I assure you there are still many places in LA  where I live ! It’s the only open door to create the  empty space and access your inner power without getting devoured by social media  (or media) enemies of our time ( I love  to be active on social media but not dependent on them as  I choose to be the master of my time) With a little discipline, you will gain in energy, in time and confidence in yourself as you  witness the results of your new resolutions taking shape.

With these few basic rules, I hope it will help you perceive time as an ally.  Time well used can help us master our day with the  choices we make, become accountable for each passing hour and see our dreams become a reality in a year, three years, five years from now…

I hope that you take good advantage of this adventure !

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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