Welcome to Christine Lewicki International Coaching blog.

This blog is a place to share insights, tools and knowledge about Coaching.

First I would like to present myself. My name is Christine Lewicki. I am a young professional full of energy. I hold a Master in Human Resources and a BS in Sociology. After successfully working as a Human Resources Manager in France and in the United States, I decided to concentrate my talents into helping people through coaching. I am a French/English bilingual coach. I currently have coaching clients all accross the United States and well as France. I have helped my clients change career, getting promotions, start their own project/business, become more aware of their values and integrate them in their daily life. I have helped managers succeed with their team, gain clarity and being more efficient to attain their goals and use great communication tool.

I am following my bliss and I am lovin’ it !

You can learn more about me at http://www.lewicki.org/coaching