I am myself a mothers of 3 girls, age 7, 5 and 21 months. I am French and I moved to the US in 2000. After A successful Career in Human Ressources, I Started my International Coaching practice in the US, Canada and Europe.

I know what is it to be a mother and an Entrepreneur. I know the feeling of there is not enough: not enough time in a day, not enough flexibility, not enough Freedoom, not enough support, not enough results, not enough money, not enough quality time, not enough grounding…
You know what I am talking about right ?

Here are the 7 benefits of Coaching for Success minded mothers:

1 – A Coach helps you change your prospective and feel Empowered. A coach helps you see your greatness and helps you feel responsible for your success and get you out of the Victim mode.

2 – A coach provides you the Grounding and Objective Feedback that you need. You get better Results.

3 – A coach supports you to organize and manage your time and life more efficiently.

4 – A coach helps you gain clarity. With a Coach You know where to put your Focus and Attention.

5- A coach helps you end the Procrastination loop and Create a Tailored plan of Action with a realistic structure to support you. This plan is working for you.

6- A coach holds you Accountable for your plan of Action.

7- A coach is your partner. You are not alone anymore.

If you need help to find the right Coach for you. Let me know I am working on a Article on that topic.