Do you want to allow more abundance and more prosperity in your life and business?

Do you know that you can create more success but have no idea where to start ?

Are you sick and tired of being in a money rut?

Join me as I interview Nathalie Ekobo, the International Financial Alchimist on an exciting topic!

“The 7 Keys to Prosperity and Abundance and the 7 Ruts that Repel Richness””

Thursday April 21rst, 2011 at 1:30 P.M PST (Pacific Time)

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During this interview you will receive a simple action plan to more success and wealth, and learn how to fill in those ruts forever! Powerful meditations, crucial techniques and learning to expand your awareness are just some of the things that will be revealed. You will be inspired to start immediately to allow MORE ABUNDANCE in your life and business—guaranteed.

During this Talk, you’ll discover the keys and ruts to success, here are just a few:

• Key 1—Clear your blocks to attracting money

• Key 2- Shift energy in your home and office

• Key 3- Get crystal clear about your goals

• Rut #1- Procrastination

• Rut #2- Confusion

• Rut #3- Feeling overwhelmed

Be ready for a fun and profound interview and we can guarantee you that it will be nothing like you’ve experienced before with similar topics. After this call, some people have been known to generate $5000 or $10,000! ( unbelievable, right ?)