Dare to be brilliant!

« We live in a very troubled society that seems to have lost its bearings. Negativity is rampant  and many  people are living their lives in a dormant state or half asleep, wandering without horizon and without hope. We live our lives with the beliefs and habits inherited from our education, our culture , our family and our society. We follow the flow making every effort to be consistent with what’s expected of us. We often feel  overwhelmed  and  yet we are living half asleep because we do not dare to be truly alive and brilliantly  ourselves! Unfortunately this scenario  may go on until the end of our lives.

We live in a world where we have access to all  knowledge with a few mouse clicks. Our basic needs are met, we have food on our plates, a roof over our heads, we go on vacation, we have access to a more or less working medical system,  TV, a car and a multitude of gadgets to improve our quality of life. We are hyper connected and yet so very disconnected. Countries no longer have real borders and we have the freedom and opportunity to visit all the continents. We live in a world of opportunities.

So, how is it then that we are not more satisfied with our lives?  How is it that we still find ways to complain and in this way position ourselves as victims?

Our society is becoming more abundant but ultimately we are realizing that this material abundance often masks an inner emptiness. We are now entering a phase in our society where we are no longer driven by the quest to satisfy our needs, because in truth , the vast majority of these needs are already met.

So naturally , we now feel the need to fill our lives with meaning and we realize the importance of activating the urging  potential that is within us and yet we do not dare reveal it.  We do not seek to only conform and consume, we really want to shine and contribute to the world! “

This is one of the reasons I’d like to invite you to join my  next WAKE-UP!  retreat in California – 3 days to reconnect with yourself, and reawaken to your life and your brilliance or  “zone of genius”!