A new name ?

//A new name ?

During my Radio interview I realized that I want to find a name for my Coaching Practice. I have been using my name Christine Lewicki for the past 3 years but it is confusing for people since they don’t know how the spell my name..etc.!

I am looking for a name that is extra simple, extra easy to remember and that works for English and French since I am building my practice across the Atlantic and in Canada too. It doesn’t have to clearly explain what I do ( look at Google, Yahoo….)
All the cool expression that I like are already taken ( Ambitious mothers, inside Out Coaching, Aha Coaching, Wake-up Coaching…)Also some French people understand English pretty well but sometimes they don’t really appreciate when we use an English Expression.

Also even though my main Focus right now is Ambitious Mothers, I really want to expand to a wider Vision : Helping people ( employees, business owners, Employers, Corporates…) creating a bridge between Work and Family so it doesn’t have to be separated that much. So I don’t want my name to reduce my Vision. I want to create a Sustainable Humanistic Workplace

So today I came up ( actually my husband did !) with: O Coaching

I have lots of reasons to love that name but I would love to hear your Feedback before I share them with you.

What is your reaction when you hear this name ?

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  1. Olivier - Quotidien Durable 26 février 2008 à 9 h 25 min

    Sounds pretty good to me.
    And you can trust your husband, remember the name of one of his first application ? “POD” 3 letters that we see every day !

    Few things to check : get the domain in .be .fr .eu and .com.
    Make sure the brand is not registered neither in the us nor in france.

    In france, you don’t need to register the brand if you actually use the domain. The only risk is that somebody else use it too, but that will not happen. Anyway, somebody who would register the brand after you bought the domain, has no chance to claim the property of the domain.


    Well anyway, if you are anxious about that, just register it. That’ll cost 250 EUR.

    Ocoaching…. good good good.

    Funny, I nearly called “un bureau sur la terre” Ofutur.
    And the final name was found by….. my wife !

  2. christinelewicki 26 février 2008 à 20 h 53 min

    O is an image for the Whole, the Oxygen or Water ( Eau : pronounced O in French), the sensation of feeling complete. The image of the Whole Human.
    Work and Life and Family is not separated it is a Whole. And when you expand and grow your life, the circle expand with Harmony.

  3. Gerard E. Stein 28 février 2008 à 16 h 12 min

    I’ll prefer “Wonder-Mom” because // wonder woman …..
    with “O” we will find some people trying to make a link with “histoire d’O”

    and any woman is trying to show she is a “wonder mom” for her kids, for her manager, for her friends, ….

  4. christinelewicki 28 février 2008 à 19 h 54 min


    I am so happy that you came to visit my blog !
    Did you see my article about Eve-Olution ?
    I just love what you do and I can’t wait to meet with and find out more and see if I can help.

    As far as the idea of Wonder woman I am not sure that mothers really aspire to be Wonder woman. It is a lot of pressure, and give them the idea that they have to do it all and SMILE !
    I think that what they really want is Harmony, Purpose and Growth. They want to expand and use their potential without risking to jeopardize their strong desire to nurture their loved one.
    If they take on the adventure of Ambition and Personal Success, they need to make sure that their family is growing WITH them.

    I would love your feedback on that !

  5. Gerard E. Stein 29 février 2008 à 14 h 49 min

    my suggestion was “Wonder-Mom” and not “Wonder-Woman”
    it’s different WM = you have to take care and enjoy kids, husband, house, business, friends, family, the future of our planet and …. ourself (only a woman can make 2 different thinks on the same time)
    and for WW it’s only yourself
    But you have to explain the meaning of WM and give examples that mean you have to interview some well-known like Anne Lauvergeon, ….
    If you like we can discuss when I will be there

  6. Gerard E. Stein 29 février 2008 à 15 h 11 min

    re- Hi
    Sorry I have made a typical french mistake ” our planet and … yourself” and not “ourself”

    I have to add that any mom can be a WM but she have to be coach in order to understand/use many things like starting always by priorities and not with the easiest, not be a “nice women” in her job by explaining as soon as possible to her manager that she have kids and they are her priority, and so one, but Christine you know a lot more than me about all those secrets, ….

    I know a CEO of a very large company who have 8 kids, she is a real confident of each one, with a very happy husband/father.


  7. christinelewicki 29 février 2008 à 16 h 43 min


    I understand your ideas and I think we have the same vision. Can’t wait to meet you. Thank you for your Insights.

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