During my Radio interview I realized that I want to find a name for my Coaching Practice. I have been using my name Christine Lewicki for the past 3 years but it is confusing for people since they don’t know how the spell my name..etc.!

I am looking for a name that is extra simple, extra easy to remember and that works for English and French since I am building my practice across the Atlantic and in Canada too. It doesn’t have to clearly explain what I do ( look at Google, Yahoo….)
All the cool expression that I like are already taken ( Ambitious mothers, inside Out Coaching, Aha Coaching, Wake-up Coaching…)Also some French people understand English pretty well but sometimes they don’t really appreciate when we use an English Expression.

Also even though my main Focus right now is Ambitious Mothers, I really want to expand to a wider Vision : Helping people ( employees, business owners, Employers, Corporates…) creating a bridge between Work and Family so it doesn’t have to be separated that much. So I don’t want my name to reduce my Vision. I want to create a Sustainable Humanistic Workplace

So today I came up ( actually my husband did !) with: O Coaching

I have lots of reasons to love that name but I would love to hear your Feedback before I share them with you.

What is your reaction when you hear this name ?