Self discipline

All great things can be accomplished in 1 hour!

What are you dreaming to accomplish ? Perhaps you’d like to write that book?  Or go back to school and earn that degree? or perhaps you’d like to find a new job or make a career change?

Whatever it is you want to do, remember that all great things can be accomplished in an hour! Let me explain: 

  • Whatever your objective  is, make sure that it’s an objective or goal that makes you truly excited and happy and not just another thing to do that truthfully gets on your nerves. Be sure to make the distinction and to differentiate your TO DO list with your list of goals,objectives and projects.
  • Make sure your objectives are very precise. If you are not ready to clarify or be precise with your objective it may indicate that you are not ready to accomplish it. Do not judge yourself.  Simply remove it from your list for now. To earn more money and spend more quality time with your family are not precise objectives. To earn 100 000 Euros in 2014 working 4 days a week and go on vacation as a family at Easter for at least 5 days, these are precise objectives.
  • Now is the perfect time to start. Alan Cohen says it well : “Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect to start, starting makes the conditions perfect”.  Put your energy into generating imperfect actions but real actions rather than hiding behind your ideas and continue refining them. Take action and then work on them. Live your projects while improving them.
  • Remember that you  can handle it and that there’s nothing preventing you from it . You are imperfect, it’s true (and we all are) and yet your brilliance can only come out of your imperfections.  Dare get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in situations that require  creating a better version of yourself. Take your own self-development in your own hands  by starting challenges that will take you on the life playground or force you to transform your life into an epic adventure.
  • Rely on the power of discipline. Make an appointment with yourself and your projects everyday day and commit to at least one hour of your day to it. Some days you’ll make great progress and other days you’ll feel at a standstill  but it does not matter, you’ll still have tomorrow to go back to it. Little by little, you will lay the foundation that will make your project a reality.

All great things in 1 hour

This reminds me about the day when I signed my contract with my editor for my first book “J’arrête de râler!”  (aka I Quit Complaining!”  I found myself faced with a real dilemma following the champagne and the celebrations, I now had to write the damn book! Mother of 3 kids and head of a coaching firm, this project seemed impossible for my reality. I also had to manage the nagging voice in my head ” Who do you think you are?  What makes you think other people will be interested in what you have to say? , Others have already said what you are saying  and surely better than you ever will!

Now, I can calmly identify what made all the difference: It was my commitment to my writing an hour every day  minimum  no matter what! So every morning from 6 to 7 am, I had an appointment with my MacBook and my coffee in front of my manuscript. Every morning for 4 months….

What do you need to do to create the life you are dreaming of ? Find this little something that makes your heart sing, this thing that makes you come out of your comfort zone and become engaged and committed to live it in your reality… one hour at a time!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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