This is great tool created by Cornestone International. The CEO and Head Coach Angela Bird sent it to me

Above-Below model from Cornestone International

I think that this tool can help a lot in helping us changing prospective.

How many time do we find ourself in a place where we think that someone else is responsible for the situation ? Think about the last time this happened to you.

– You lost your job

– You were late at your meeting

– You missed a deadline, the project you are working on with a team is not going the way you want.

– Your house is upside down …

In that kind of situation we can always look for someone to accuse but, how is this serving us ? What are we trying to achieve ?

The other way to look at it is to look at where we are responsible for the situation. And there is ALWAYS a part of our responsability in every situation. By being responsible for our life we create a huge field of possibilities. It opens up to so much more than any kind of accusation or victim thoughts.