Are you above or below the line ?

//Are you above or below the line ?

This is great tool created by Cornestone International. The CEO and Head Coach Angela Bird sent it to me

Above-Below model from Cornestone International

I think that this tool can help a lot in helping us changing prospective.

How many time do we find ourself in a place where we think that someone else is responsible for the situation ? Think about the last time this happened to you.

– You lost your job

– You were late at your meeting

– You missed a deadline, the project you are working on with a team is not going the way you want.

– Your house is upside down …

In that kind of situation we can always look for someone to accuse but, how is this serving us ? What are we trying to achieve ?

The other way to look at it is to look at where we are responsible for the situation. And there is ALWAYS a part of our responsability in every situation. By being responsible for our life we create a huge field of possibilities. It opens up to so much more than any kind of accusation or victim thoughts.

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  1. Kristen Hallows 3 mars 2007 à 20 h 27 min

    I enjoyed Responsibility vs. Blame, too! Until recently, I always thought of a heavy load or a huge weight on my shoulders when I heard the word “responsibility.” But now I think of it as something that is freeing and possibility-generating!

    Happy responsibility taking! LOL

  2. christine 4 mars 2007 à 4 h 11 min


    I agree with you that taking responsibility is a great path for Freedom because we don’t depend on others. We are in charge of the situation and we can look a what kind of actions we can take.

  3. Olivier - un bureau sur la terre 10 mars 2007 à 22 h 02 min

    I like this !
    Facing such a situation, my first question is often “Is there something I did not do that could have made this not to happen…”

  4. christine 12 mars 2007 à 23 h 16 min

    The thing is that seeing the part of responsibility that we have in our life situation is the only way to Freedom because we see what we can do.
    Blaming other leaves us powerless ! Our life depend on someone else behavior or actions.

  5. Olivier - un bureau sur la terre 24 mars 2007 à 17 h 16 min

    doooh !
    I’ll keep this one inn mind !

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