Are you ready to live an amazing life ? So why do you settle for a small life ?

In the book The metamorphosis ( Kafka), the character wakes up transformed in a cockroach and the weird thing is that finally he is not that bothered by his new condition. Being so small and unconsidered reduce all comparison. He doesn’t have to perform for the world and be judge any more.

The fear of judgment, failure and success is so strong that we let ourselves become cockroach sometime. We settle for a small life because that way we keep the peace… nobody is jealous of us and we don’t have to deal with what others think of what we are doing.

But do you really think that we are here on Earth to live a small life ? Allow that fear to come in and embrace it. Say yes to you life and go for it ! When you are really open, when you stop trying but are really committed to be grand and wonderful, when you are willing to tap into your potential of greatness then you are calling for a Birthquake !