Are you shoulding yourself ?

//Are you shoulding yourself ?

I should do this ! that’s what I have to do !

Do you relate to this kind of thinking within your head ?

Can you see how this perspective is putting ourselves in a VICTIM mode.When we think that way it feels like something is forced on us. It is imposed for some reasons.

So many times we are “shoulding” ourselves and we are left powerless !

How about re framing that perspective with I WANT to do this ? Checking in with ourselves regarding the motivation behind our actions. Many time we can be responsible for our life and actions so maybe it would be more fun and liberating to stop pretend that we don’t.

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  1. Olivier 26 mai 2007 à 9 h 47 min

    I stopped shoulding myself about 2 years ago. Well I mean, I have been trying to stop as it’s really an ongoing choice…
    I used to be quite stressed at night spending the last 5 minutes of my day wondering what I should have done that I haven’t.
    I have now replaced “should” by “want”, “would like to”, “wish” etc… I have to say it’s been a relief.
    I still keep “needing” myself though, because I think its important to continuisly know what your needs are.

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