Thank You Sponsors & Partners!


Tonight is the big night and we wanted to thank YOU, our sponsors and partners in the French /Francophone community in Los Angeles  for being a part of the WAKE UP BOOK LAUNCH PARTY  as a prelude to upcoming USA BOOK TOUR!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Duverger Macarons

Duverger logo

Calmada Boutique Hotel & Resort




Crepes Sans Frontieres

Book LAunch Sponsor Crepes SF


Kareen Slajer Realty

Kareen Slajer Agent immobilier


Thank you for hosting event at your location:

NextSpace CoWorking

NextSpace Logo

Thank you to our partners for helping us spread the word !

French A L.A Carte!

French A LA Carte logo

Social Media PR for VIP 



Paris Chansons

MOULIN RUSSE: Paris Chansosn


Los Angeles Accueil

Los Angeles Accueil

French in Mind

French in MInd


and all our friends who have helped us share the message! Let’s celebrate!

We look forward to the upcoming USA BOOK TOUR! in the Fall!  If you’d like to get involved, sponsor the tour and welcome Christine Lewicki as a Guest Speaker  in your establishment, please email for all the booking information: #ChristineLewickiWakeUp

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

“Christine Lewicki is a Certified Business Coach, Speaker,Trainer, Bestselling Author and MasterMind Group Facilitator. She is committed to help Entrepreneurs claim their expertise and allow them to enroll more and more clients .  You can subscribe to the O Coaching Newsletter published monthly to share tools, tips, and advice to help you feel like a Ferrari on the Entrepreneurial Dirt Road and live and {Extra}ordinary life!  To sign up for your subscription visit O Coaching Inc.  and/or  on French website