Brilliance and Business Breakthrough Summit

//Brilliance and Business Breakthrough Summit


September 14 – 18 , 2015

Are you working really hard to create a business of your dreams?  One that supports you financially AND in the difference you want to make in the world?

Brilliance & Business Summit CL


I am thrilled to participate in this event hosted by Mellissa Rempfer, founder of the Brilliance and Business Community along with 14 other experts for a telesummit that isn’t fluff.

It’s all practical training that you can instantly put into practice in your business.

Interviews will be available to listen to FREE for 24-hours after airing.

They will air LIVE on September 14-18 between 8 a.m. PDT (11A.M. EDT) and 3 p.m. PDT (6 p.m. EDT)  #resultsnottheory

Join me on September 14, 2015 – 8 – 9 AM (PST)

 “Dare to be brilliant and share your message no matter how much of an imposter you think you are…” 

During this session you’ll learn:

  • What does it mean to be brilliant and why is it important ?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to share your message and how to overcome them?
  • How to share your message ? blogging/writting/speaking where to start and how to make it work for YOU ?


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Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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