Celebrating success and learning from them!

//Celebrating success and learning from them!

Very often we think that learning comes from our mistakes. Sometimes it is true, but how about learning from our success ?

When I grew up learning English at school in France, my teachers use to point at me all my vocabulary and grammatical mistakes. Every times I had to speak in front of the classroom, I was much more concerned about my mistakes than about communicating a message to my peers. That kind of learning was very frustrating and was affecting my self-esteem to the point that when I move to Los Angeles in 2000, I was terrified to speak English. I wanted to be sure my English was perfect before I could speak. I didn’t want people to hear that I was French. How impossible was that ?

It took me a while to realize that this strategy was not serving me and that my French accent was actually my best friend ! So one day I decided to take the big jump and I started to speak. Instead of putting energy on my mistakes, I decided to celebrate when people understood me and that’s how I learned !

It is also how I decided to develop my skills in Coaching. I decided to celebrate what went well after each session and build my skills on that instead of beating myself for everything that could have been better. Little by little, I have more and more to celebrate and it feels very good. By doing this I am motivated to get better every day because it is fun !

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  1. cindisaadi 18 janvier 2007 à 4 h 13 min

    Hello Christine – This is Cindi – another ICA student. Congrats on your new blog! It looks great and I enjoyed reading your posts. I just got my blog up and running yesterday and I am so glad that it was so simple. I am looking forward to exploring this new form of personal and shared exploration!

    Regarding your topic of really listening – I experienced this with a client yesterday in terms of paying attention to the tone and excitement in her voice.

    At first I wasn’t sure if I would like coaching by phone, but I have found that it almost seems to make it easier to focus and pick-up on buried messages.

    I hope you’ll stop by and visit my blog too sometime! Best wishes…


  2. christinelewicki 18 janvier 2007 à 21 h 45 min

    Hi Cindi,

    Thank you for coming to read me and especialy taking the time to post a message.

    I agree with you about coaching over the phone, it is very powerfull. It is amazing how much she rely on our eyes to connect with people and we forgot to use our other senses. We can learn so much about someone’s voice, the vocabulary used, the breathing…

  3. Wekweeve 24 juin 2007 à 7 h 03 min

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