Very often we think that learning comes from our mistakes. Sometimes it is true, but how about learning from our success ?

When I grew up learning English at school in France, my teachers use to point at me all my vocabulary and grammatical mistakes. Every times I had to speak in front of the classroom, I was much more concerned about my mistakes than about communicating a message to my peers. That kind of learning was very frustrating and was affecting my self-esteem to the point that when I move to Los Angeles in 2000, I was terrified to speak English. I wanted to be sure my English was perfect before I could speak. I didn’t want people to hear that I was French. How impossible was that ?

It took me a while to realize that this strategy was not serving me and that my French accent was actually my best friend ! So one day I decided to take the big jump and I started to speak. Instead of putting energy on my mistakes, I decided to celebrate when people understood me and that’s how I learned !

It is also how I decided to develop my skills in Coaching. I decided to celebrate what went well after each session and build my skills on that instead of beating myself for everything that could have been better. Little by little, I have more and more to celebrate and it feels very good. By doing this I am motivated to get better every day because it is fun !