As I am embarking on the journey of writing my second book, it became VERY, VERY clear that I had to create space to give birth to my ideas and my thoughts.

There is no way I could create anything new, anything that would really contribute to make a difference in people’s lives if I had to do it in between clients appointments, business paperwork and family responsibilities.

So I decided to simplified my life. I choose to focus all my attention on the participants of my MasterMind group and then keep only a few opening for a few selected High Level VIP clients.
With my new organization, I Coach for about 30 hours a month and I can bring a decent income and the rest of my time is pretty much EMPTY !!!! but this emptiness is the cradle of my ideas and my inspiration. During that time, I dance, I exercise, I read and I sit in front of my manuscript to write, write and write….

I need this emptiness so I can fill it with my thoughts, my ideas, my reflexion and my inspiration.How about YOU, do you want to create, do you have a big project that you want to give birth to ?

What type of EMPTINESS can you create in your agenda ? It can be an hour a day ( I wrote my 1st book from 6 to 7 am every morning) or a day a week or a week-end a month….