We are not use to see those two words together Ambition and Mothers but I truly believe that they are not incompatible. If you are a working mother and you are committed to be the Best mom and the Best Professional, you know what I am talking about!

For the past two weeks I have been feeling a deep calling in supporting Mothers with Ambition. Here is what’s in my head and I would love your feedback !

More than 75% of mothers with young children are in the work place. Mothers work for 3 main reasons:

– Money.

– Use their skills and talents.

– Be a good role model.

And they are facing 3 mains challenges:

– Dealing with the guilt and implementing their deep values in their lives

– Creating enough flexibility and being surrounded by a supportive community

– Mastering multitasking and increasing productivity

My vision is to support those women have the best of both world !

I want to support them being the best mom. I want to support them to connect with their family deeply. I want to share my insights and knowledge regarding Attachment Parenting, Non-Violent Communication, alternative education…

I want to support them being the best professional. I want to share all my knowledge as an HR manager and Career Coach. I want them to have a fulfilling successful career. I want to support them finding their True Vocation and provide outstanding service to the community. I want to support them in creating the support system they need. I want to support them developing their skills, increasing their productivity and experiencing all the Wins they deserve.

I want to support them Create Success and Harmony ( Which is much more than just Work/Life Balance).

I am a French Entrepreneur with 3 beautiful girls age 7, 4 and 1, who moved to the US 10 000 miles away from my family and support in 2000, so I am walking my talk !

Here is a few questions for you:

– If you are a working mother with ambition, What are your biggest challenges ?

– If you are an employer what are your biggest challenges to Attract, Engage and Retain Working mothers ?

Any Fathers out there ?????? I would love to hear from you too ! I also truly believe that Fathers are also facing that deep need for Harmony. Tell me more about your challenges in that area.