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Lili has a passion: Gratitude!

Her vocation is to share with the world the blessings of Gratitude. She wants to inspire others and help them understand how gratitude works and  allow them to become aware of its impact and it’s power to change lives.

Lili  personally lived a profound realisation on the power of gratitude in her life and in the lives of those around her and she has dared  express and share this experience in her art.  She has opened her heart and has written a song and a video clip entitled : ” Thank you


I wanted to interview her so she could share with us her vision of gratitude which is at the heart of her life.

1-    What do you think of the meaning of the word “thank you” nowadays?

When I was little, every time I received a gift I remember how my mother would always tell me “did you say thank you?”. Like most of us in our society  I learned to say “thank you”  when I receive a service from a vendor  in a store or whenever  I received something. In fact, it is considered impolite and it is not an image one wants to give of  one ‘s self. With the speed of life in the 21st century and the busyness of our daily life, “thank you” has become a habit engrained  in our lives, almost like saying “hello” when answering the telephone.

2-    How did you become aware of  gratitude?

Through  my personal and spiritual growth, I had the opportunity to learn many things: the law of attraction, the power of thought, synchronicity, trust  in my life path and the importance of listening to my heart. A few years ago I started to become more aware of this gratitude feeling, it was a bit like a revelation and then I started to notice its positive impact. Over the years, it has intensified little by little and now gratitude has been a part of my daily routine for a year.

3-  What are you grateful for today?

There are so many things I am grateful for in my life in general. I have realized my teenage dream to live in the United States  and to share my music with others. I get teary- eyed just feeling gratitude. Gratitude is the secret to happiness. To be aware and  grateful for all the little and big  things  everyday such as:  having clean drinking water,  food to eat, health and  a family in good health, friends, some money and great service from salespeople in stores. Feeling also  grateful because many of us on this planet do not have all these things.

4-    What do you think  are obstacles encountered when starting to practice gratitude?

When something in our lives bothers us , I think that the most difficult thing is to be able to switch our attention from that and to focus on the good things instead.  I noticed how much society, media and many people have a tendency to focus on the negative, they have a tendency to notice only what’s going wrong , even the smallest things and talk about that all day. The more we focus on lack, the less we have. This is an undeniable truth.

5-    What would you like to share with our readers  which could help them focus on being grateful?

Ask yourself what you really want?  Do you want to feel miserable, depressed and grouchy  or do you want to have health, joy and happiness? It is not healthy to sabotage your own life, to complain and to only see the negative . Everyone wants to be happy in life, all you have to do is realize that it’s already there.

6-    Why is gratitude so important?

Once we open our eyes and stop considering life as an entitlement, we can finally see what we have and feel gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. This creates a vibration that helps you receive more.

7-    What about gratitude and the law of attraction?

There is a way to take this further. To be grateful for what we have does not mean that we do not desire more.  If you desire something in particular such as health, love life or career or anything else: visualize it, feel it intensely as if it was already in your life! You will become excited , will tell everyone, and will be grateful. What degree of gratitude? Feel it with all your heart, an overwhelming gratitude. It’s this feeling that makes things happen in our lives which we refer to as manifestations. The more we practice , the more what we desire comes to us.This shows us how life is unlimited.

8-    What did this recently bring in your life?

For my music I have received big placements on national TV. Every morning I practice a gratitude exercise  and count all my blessings and then I feel grateful for all the things I desire.  I wanted my music to reach a larger audience and in particular placements are wonderful for any artists. At first I got few little placements and then my first big placement on a national TV station for a dance show  using one of my songs for a choreography. I was so happy that I received two similar others. Now, I ask for more of course, something huge!

A propos: LiLi Roquelin  is an author – composer singer born in Toulon France and living in New York. Introspective by nature she puts herself heart and soul in her creations, she is aware of the strength that comes from being  vunerable  and she shares her growth as an individual and musician.  Lili Roquelin  has placed her music in documentaries, TV  (including TV5 USA) , dance performances and has received awards  and prizes for her compositions and videos as well as a big media coverage in the press and radio. Her new album “Beautiful Sun” is available online on iTunes and Amazon.

Visit her site  to find out more!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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