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Like me, you’ve probably heard too much advice urging you to ”Build your mailing list!”, often by packing it with as many people as possible. One such approach is to get 10 new e-mail addresses a day and simply add them to your own mailing list. If people don’t like it, they can unsubscribe. But, is this “Super Size Me” approach really the most effective and most ethical way to create new business? Is it aligned to how you want to do business?

As a business coach, I want people to feel respected and safe working with me. I think it is just plain wrong to add people to a mailing list without their authorization! As an entrepreneur building a new client base, you know that building trust with potential customers is an essential step in nurturing a loyal following. Slapping them onto your mailing list without prior permission sends the wrong signal – it can be interpreted as presumptive at best, and predatory at worst. However, inviting potential clients to join your group, sends a positive message that your company respects their privacy and values their opinions and choices.

The following article by Katja Presnal delves into the idea of the value of having a quality list filled with people who know you and are interested in your company or services, instead of a quantity list filled with strangers. I met Katja Presnal on Twitter, and think her ideas are outstanding. Follow us!

Coach4moms and Katja Presnal


One of the mantras I learned from my entrepreneur Dad a long time ago is

“Businesses do not do business with businesses. There is always a person in a company doing business with another person in a company.”

Let me explain why understanding this is vital for your success in social media marketing.