Join me for a FREE CONFERENCE CALL! : “How to Convert Prospects into Clients and Clients into Ambassadors ( your raving fans)!”

During this conversation with marketing expert Celia Rene Corail we will go in depth to learn how to authentically connect with prospective clients so that they easily enrolling themselves into becoming your clients AND how to convert clients into Ambassadors so that you get a huge flow of referrals (talk about making your life easier !)

During this conference you’ll learn

– How to touch the heart of your ideal clients

– The key principle for a conversation that leads to a YES !

– How to serve your clients beyond their expectations and have them say ” Wahoo”

– The best tools to create LOYAL customers and seduce new ones.

This call will be offered:

* in French on March 22nd at 1pm /PST ( 9PM Paris Time)
* in English on March 29th at NOON/ PST ( without Celia Rene Corail)

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