I want to encourage you to use” The Power of Celebration” to your advantage.

We are spending our days running, jumping from on task to another on our To do list. For us, Ambitious Mothers it is a mix of Business, house chores and Family. We are not even aware anymore about what’s going on in our lives. We run, we encounter obstacles, we get frustrated and impatient…. and we don’t even take the time to see, feel, acknowledge what is working in our lives right now. What feels good, what bring pleasure and excitement… We just jump to next task, completely blind and disconnected. Putting all our attention on all the things that need to be done and all the things that are going ” wrong”.

I would like to encourage you to CELEBRATE EVERY DAY ! When you go to bed or when you wake up ask yourself ” What do I have to celebrate today ?”.

Before you jump to the next task, CELEBRATE the one you have just accomplished.

CELEBRATE those 10 minutes that you spent on a walk with your toddler before going to work ( me this morning !!)

CELEBRATE the 5 minutes you spend laughing with your Husband before opening your computer.

CELEBRATE that you are healthy.

CELEBRATE that you are Alive.

CELEBRATE that you are working.

By doing so, you will put more attention on What working in your life. What feels Good. Then you can expand this ! Wherever you put you attention it will grow.

The more you CELEBRATE, the more you’ll have things to CELEBRATE. Trust me it’s like Magic !!!

If you put your attention on the problems, they will grow.

If you CELEBRATE that you have the power to act, that you have some resources to use, on the fact that you can overcome the challenge, then you’ll have much more chances to succeed.