Summertime is the ideal time to get out of the perpetual emergency, the one that leads us to spend our lives at the rhythm and constraints of our environment.

It is the time to create space for one (or more) activity that really makes us feel good… be it doing yoga, practicing meditation, going to the beach, reading…

If we are working and would like to spend time in nature, we can organize ourselves to spend a few hours a week, or a fortnight, in a place that will help us to recharge our batteries.

Let’s take advantage of the slower rhythm of this time of the year to dream about what we really want. For this, a tool that helps me is to draw a mental map. It helps me to visualize the place I give in my daily life to my work and my other activities and to become clear about what I want to add or change to it.

To be fulfilled in our professional and personal lives… let’s use this season to reflect on what we are grateful for, and on the changes we want to implement into our daily life!

And, if you realize that complaining is a habit that robs you of enjoying and seeing the full potentials of living… why not use this special time of the year to establish a new powerful way of functioning, by joining the 21 Day Challenge to Quit Complaining and Bitching!

You can now find all the tools you need on this empowering life-changing journey in my book!

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How do you plan to unplug this summer?

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