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I Quit Complaining, Life Coaching, Complaint free, Bestseller

Did you know the average person complains 15 to 30 times a day ? 

Not only is this unbearable for the people around us, but it’s definitely nerve wracking for oneself! 

So what is the hidden meaning behind our complaining? And most important: how to quit!? 

In this book Christine Lewicki shares her personal story when she decided to break free of this bad habit and embarked on a journey to quit complaining for 21 consecutive days and be fully empowered to live the life she chose. 

A simple yet powerful method in 4 PHASES to start embracing the beauty, the possibilities, and the richness of each day.

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I Quit Complaining, Book, Life Coaching, Christine Lewicki, Bonuses
Habit Tracker tool, I Quit Complaining, Christine Lewicki
I Quit Complaining, Book, Life Coaching, Christine Lewicki, Bonuses, Bracelets

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I Quit Complaining, Bestseller, Christine Lewicki

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I Quit Complaining, Bestseller, Christine Lewicki

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About the Book

What gave me the idea of embarking on the challenge to quit complaining, was the realization that despite being a generally rather positive person, I would often feel completely exhausted and drained at the end of the day from everything that “happened to me” that day. Under my so called “good life” I had the lingering impression of constantly fighting to get things done: from getting the kids to school, to being on time, managing work, family, and all the problems in between. Strangely enough, this “bad day” was simply a “normal” day of my life. An ordinary day of what I like to call now, my “not always very sexy life.” But this was my life and I was sick and tired of resisting it! I was ready to learn to embrace it with joy! Readers tell me that they recognize themselves through my stories. They love how this book is sometimes funny (often apparently), sometimes profound but for sure always REAL! I wrote it with all my heart, I hope you'll enjoy it!

I Quit Complaining, Bestseller

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Logos Media, Christine Lewicki, I Quit Complaining

"Lewicki tells her own story with a generosity of spirit that enables us to laugh at ourselves and, yet, feel the importance of her profound teaching. This is a powerhouse book. Anyone truly interested in self-improvement, success in life, sweeter, more productive relationships, and peaceful experiences, can benefit greatly and evolve into a joyous life with the tools and practices the author offers us in this delightful book."

— Rev. Dr. Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance

"Of all the people who’ve ever tried to give up complaining, I estimate less than 1% succeed. The reason is that breaking out of the cultural norm of complaining is very difficult! You need guidance and support. You need the advice of someone who has done it herself and that’s what you’ll find in Christine’s book. Enjoy, it will change your life, forever!".

— Will Bowen, Founder of A Complaint Free World

Will Bowen, A complaint free world, I quit Complaining

About the Author

Christine Lewicki ; O Coaching ; J'arrete de Raler ; Développement personnel ; bestseller ; I Quit Complaining

Christine Lewicki is a bestselling author and certified leadership coach living between Paris and Los Angeles, California. 

Particularly known as a sought-after speaker who loves to express herself with her heart and guts, she’s brilliant in inspiring everyone to get out of victim mode and share their best self with the world.  

Christine wrote the French Best-Seller J’Arrête de Râler! – AKA I Quit Complaining – (300,000 copies sold) translated in many languages and now available in English.  

She is also a wife and the mother of three kick-ass girls, always striving to live her busy and rich life to its fullest.