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7 minutes to start 2020 with a different view on your life !

    You know this feeling when you stumble about a story, a song, a video and you have this deep opening in your heart because you connected to some higher truth.  Well that just happened to me when I discovered the story of THE EGG so I felt compelled to share it with you. [...]

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Finding your Joy!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Paula Veil for her show "Choices, Finding your joy" on KKNW radio. The mission of her program is to spread positive energy, information, and inspiration through education and entertainment. Paula believes that the more informed her viewers are about how to replenish their own emotions, body, and [...]

Complaining, Separating… and Reuniting !

Julie decided to join the "I Quit Complaining movement” and after a few weeks realized that if she wanted to complete the challenge she had to address a major frustration in her life: her marriage She decided to separate from her husband and move out. But the entire time, in alignment with the ” I [...]