As some of you may know, in the last two years I have been on an amazing journey.

The journey of living my purpose.

You can read an article that I wrote a few months ago about my story HERE
Honestly in the last 2 years, I have been feeling like I am living in a 3rd dimension. The Dimension of your purpose when you share who you truly are and you have the courage to do the work that you are meant to be doing and literally, magic happens.
It’s true, lately things are happening to me and there is no logic to it. It’s quite unreal.

I don’t need to work hard to make things happen because I am not the leader anymore. My purpose is leading me and putting opportunities in front of me.

Sometimes I feel that if I really wanted to and if it was serving my purpose, I could start flying like Superman !

My world is moving forward by itself. All I have to do is to KEEP MY FIRE ALIVE and surf the wave that life is giving me.
All I have to do is ask for what I deeply aspire to do and then say YES when it shows up.

I am not saying that it’s easy. I have to overcome my own fears and limitations. I have to breakthrough of all my personal limitations. I have this little voice in me telling me ” I am not enough”, ” Who am I to pretend that I can do that?” ” They will never want me”. ” There is other people out there doing the same work better than me…..”.

What I have learned to do to quiet those voices is to always deeply connect with what’s making me alive. I really find that the more I allow others to truly see who I really am. The more I connect with my deepest desires. The more I allow myself to dream and to share my vision and my intention with others, the more I can to access this 3rd dimension and enjoy the Magic of my life.

How about you ? Do you want to access this 3rd dimension ? Do you want to find the hero in you ?

You could go watch this movie. It’s seems like it was made for you.