On December 16, 2010 I held my first Live event in Paris entitled “Reveillez l’Entrepreneur qui est en Vous”
(Awaken the Entrepreneur Within) gathering together my MasterMind group of fabulous women and welcoming new & seasoned entrepreneurs.

The day was filled with great opportunities to learn new skills and tools based on a profound desire to serve and contribute from the heart, becoming more visible as well as key mindset to embrace to enroll more clients and “Feel like a Ferrari on the Entrepreneurial Road” .

The participants also got to meet and mingle with other entrepreneurs, connect, exchange and make new friends in the true spirit of networking.

Following the conference, one of the participants shared with me
how motivated she now felt because she had the key to develop a “Clean Business”: A business that was felt really good to grow
because it was done in an authentic service oriented way.

Our guest photographer, Nadine Court shot wonderful pictures throughout the event capturing essence of some moments which I would like to share with you here from her blog. ( pour mes lecteurs français vous pourrez lire en français le reportage photo de Nadine en cliquant sur le lien rouge):

Reportage Photo Nadine Court

Love & Respect,