I get out of my own way

Over the years I ‘ve had the opportunity to lead  hundreds of  people in my own seminars and retreats in Europe and the US, and it’s always a pure joy to share my work with these beautiful people who dare invest their time and money to work on themselves  and their personal growth.

For a change last week, It was my turn to participate in a self-development seminar for three days as a participant. What a bliss to be able to live this experience as a student, seating in the room. What a joy to have a space to listen and receive. I experienced the magic that can take place during a multi-day retreat when we get to  immerse ourselves in deep work. Through the different workshops, I overcame some of my limitations and felt inside the process of transformation take place. I often describe the seminars I lead as “incubators”, these sacred spaces where ideas are born and nurtured to grow, and this is exactly what I experienced during these three days allowing precious things deep in me to come to the surface and be revealed.

For several months now, I feel that I am entering a new phase of  growth and creativity. I have crafted the message that I now share through my books I Quit Complaining {and Bitching} !  and Wake-Up,  and now  I feel that I am renewing myself to go even further. I don’t exactly know where I am going yet, but one thing I do know is that during these moments, I must be vigilant to take even better care of my source of inspiration to remain perfectly centered.   

I’d like to share with you one of the beautiful nuggets that I walked away with from my 3 day immersion. It’s the idea that I have to quit blocking the way of my own growth, or as we say here in the US,   “ Get out of my own way ! “.  I am referring here to all these times when I self-sabotage my success. All these times when I block my own way which slows down my growth. These three days made me aware of the importance to sometimes take a sidestep and to quit piling up road barriers on my path. ” I quit blocking my own way”  this notion of resistance and daring to go even further !


Here is a three step process to reveal your talent,  that could help you:

  1. Unlearn > identify all your imitative beliefs that create obstacles and that prevent the flow with blockages. Unlearn what doesn’t serve you and blocks your growth. What do you need to unlearn ?
  2. Reconnect >  You will always have  a lot of unknown and doubts in your life and this can disturb and confuse you, but know that at all time you can reconnect with your own truth. Even with all the unknown, what do you know that is true? Remember your “Why”, why do you feel called to go forward in this direction? What makes you vibrate ?
  3. Dare take action >  Once you have reconnected with your truth, it is time then to take action at the level of your ambition and your new reality. Do not postpone to next week. What is  the action you will take in the next 48 hours ?

Let’s stop blocking our  incoming success,  let’s step aside and allow events to unfold naturally or in other words “ Get out of your own way! “

How does this resonate with you? Please share your comments.

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Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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