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In his book  “The Charge” * Brendon Burchard  talks about, among other things, of the importance of  seeking challenges to live life more fully at its full potential.

It’s not surprising then, that I am an advocate of many topics he writes about in his book . Following my I Quit Complaining Challenge ( in French j’arrête de râler ) for 21 consecutive days, I decided to undertake other challenges such as:  drink a vegetable juice every morning at breakfast for 21 days, 21 days in dresses, 21 days to celebrate, 21 days  without media, 21 days of sit-ups, 21 days in video etc…

One of the challenges that the author mentions in his book which grabbed  my whole attention is the  “90 days getaway challenge”.  This challenge consists of planning a getaway alone or as a couple every 90 days to recharge our batteries and reconnect with ourselves. There’s no need anymore to officially wait for “vacation” ! Whoohoo !

When I read about  this idea my heart started to sing!!!! Take a getaway every 90 days to recharge my batteries ( your cousin’s wedding across country doesn’t count as a getaway.) A getaway of a day , a weekend or a week ( without the kids) to disconnect  from daily life , without any phone or emails… just taking a little time for ourselves!

Take  a little time to try something new and different. For instance, discover a new city, dive into a new book, start a new activity, participate in a program to reconnect with ourselves ( a spiritual retreat, some coaching, or the  Wake Up! seminar! )

It’s your turn :

  • What would you do if you could take off for a day or a few days alone or with your spouse to recharge your batteries? Make a list of all the things that would do you good, bring you serenity and help your growth ( be careful not to censure yourself, make a list of everything that makes YOUR heart sing!)
  • Take a look at your agenda  and schedule the dates of your 4 upcoming getaways in the 12 months to come ( one every 3 months) . Have fun with it! Dream!
  • Take time to plan with your spouse the logistics of your getaway ( budget, childcare) to make this project a reality. ( if need be, start  a special Getaway piggy bank to help finance your projects)

I wish you happy getaways!

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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