It’s Not Enough to Just Go With the Flow

Before I became a Coach, I started a clothing business called Baby French Style. I was selling French designer clothing for kids. While I was pretty good at getting started, I didn’t have a blueprint for the business, which resulted in some huge challenges.

Since I am pretty good at starting things, when I first started coaching, I went out and quickly got my first 10 clients. I then received confirmation that I was providing great service. My clients were writing amazing testimonials and were very happy to pay me. I believed I had a great business and thought all I needed to do was to go with the flow.

But as the business continued … some days I had clients, and some days I didn’t.

When I didn’t have clients, I began spinning my wheels, judging myself, and getting mad at myself.

Then, after plenty of wasted time, I realized that it wasn’t enough to just go with the flow. I needed to change something.

I’m writing this today to tell what I learned from my mistakes and to SAVE YOU TIME and MONEY.

Here is what I learned:

If you find yourself just dealing with what you have in front of you everyday, then let me tell you upfront: Your business won’t grow.

If you don’t believe me, then consider the statistics:

– 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first year
– 95 percent of small businesses fail within five years

I’m here to be honest with you and let you know that you can’t wait for word of mouth to grow your business. While going with the flow might work at the start of your business, it is not a good plan if you want your business to survive and grow.

The answer: You need to create a Strategic Plan to grow your business.

As one of my business mentors, Ali Brown says: “Running a business without a Strategic Plan is like getting lost on a road trip, and whether you arrive at your destination is left to Providence and Luck.”

Creating a Strategic Plan is crucial to your business’s success. With a Strategic Plan you will have a step-by-step plan of action. You will save yourself time, money, and a lot of unneeded frustration. Since I created a Strategic Plan, my business has TRIPLED!!!

You might be thinking: But creating a Strategic Plan sounds so formal and boring! My business is heart-centered and creating a Strategic Plan will make it stiff.

I know. I used to think this too. But what I learned through my business mentors is that a Strategic Plan can be created with an inside out approach. (It is actually best to create it this way.) Instead of looking at “shoulds,” it is about looking at your “wants.”

I want to help you right now. We can get started with some basic questions.

Ask yourself:

– What do I want for my business?
– Who do I really want to work with?
– Who is my ideal client?
– What is exciting for me?

Once you have answered these questions in a way that is 100% truthful for you, you are ready to embark on creating your Strategic Plan. Whether you work with me or another business coach, answering these questions authentically will enable you to craft a Strategic Plan that is going to work for you and that you will be thrilled to put into place.

It’s this inside out approach that will be the key to your success and outstanding growth!

Love & Respect,

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