It’s been an extraordinary journey so far in Paris, France.
I wanted to check in with you, my American readers to celebrate and share some highlights of my trip so far.

As you know I celebrate the launch of my very first book J’ARRETE DE RALER On April 21rst which means “Stop Complaining!” in French. This book is inspired from my French video Blog J’Arrête de Râler. I started this blog a year ago as a personal challenge to “Stop Complaining” and celebrate Life!

As I wrote to you in my previous newsletter Laurent Gounelle , Aka the “Happiness Merchant” as he was named by Paris Match in France and bestseller author of “Dieu voyage toujours Incognito” and ” L’homme qui voulait etre heureux” graced the preface of my book with a personal message to the readers for which I am so moved and grateful. I am meeting with him for lunch next week and will surely ask his permission to take a picture. The witty and catchy illustrations are by Lili La Baleine Verte.

A few days ago HappyLab hosted a Happiness Forum which I attended surrounded by a group of Happiness like- minded people who share the same vision and dream. What a blessing! The Happy Lab in Paris is an association whose goal is to spread happiness by promoting and supporting experts in the field of what else… H A P P I N E S S !!!

It was a magical day, the HappyLab Forum was held in a true Parisian treasure and charm place called La Cartonnerie. The young awesome founding members of HappyLab Joanna, Jessica and Benoit made everyone feel welcome. What a blessing to share the same passion : “bring more happiness in the professional & entrepreneurial world “

I remember vividly when my mom asked me at 17 years old what I wanted to do later in life and I replied : “I want to help people be happy at work “ Hence my early career choice in Human Resources and then becoming a Professional Coach.

Here are some wonderful people I’d like to introduce you to. I have a feeling our meeting on Saturday was the first of many more to come. Philippe Gabillet, Associate Professor at the ESCP ( major French Business school), VP of The Optimists’ League and author of “In Praise of Optimism” Saint-Simon Publishing gave us a fascinating presentation on happiness in the work place and in corporations. His project is a cultural on-going project motivating and guiding business entrepreneurs to help their employees grow, find fulfillment and take responsibility for their accomplishments which in turn should also be “Celebrated”. I particularly appreciated when he shared his main ingredients for happiness:

– Sense of well-being
– Finding meaning
– Feeling of Contribution

Florence Servan-Schreiber, author of “3 KIFS a Day” from Marabout Publishing spoke of the importance of gratitude and how the simple ritual of celebrating “3 KIFS” ( slang word for 3 things we are grateful for) per day around the family dinner can transform our lives. I am all for the idea of having our two books packaged together as a set at the bookstores. Of course, we exchanged books with beautiful dedications Inside!

We were also privy to meet and listen to Michel Vaujour‘s poignant experience of his 17 years jail term in COMPLETE ISOLATION (not a word uttered to anyone) His honesty was very touching and his words filled with wisdom: “Life is beautiful! Stop your drama!”

Then it was my turn to share with the audience “J’Arrete de Raler” and invite them to Stop Complaining! using the guidelines in my book.

Imagine what we can accomplish in our lives when we stop the negative draining energy attached to complaining and start celebrating instead! Let’s free ourselves from this negative complaining rut that pollutes our day and our lives. What would you do with new, clean, unspoiled space and energy? Celebrating the everyday, paying attention and putting our energy on things that really make sense and can profoundly make us happy. What a joy it is to share this message!

Following song, dance, and breathing workshops, Benedicte Ann author of “Le Prochain c’est le bon!” (“The Next One is It!”) and creator of a Cafe d’Amour talked about the importance of L.O.V.E with a capital “L” in our lives, our work, our relationships and how to break free from our negative beliefs, judgments, and resistance. If we want to love and if we want to be happy we need to clean-out the passage and make room for love and happiness to enter our lives!

Love & Respect,

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