Have you lost your Muchness ?

Last week-end I took my oldest daughter Anna to the movie.
She really wanted to see the latest ” Alice in Wonderland”.
At one point in the movie, Johnny Deep as The Mad Hatter makes a comment
to Alice; who is coming back to Wonderland after a very long time.
In fact, it’s been so long she can’t even remember she’s been there before.
He says: ” You’ve lost your Muchness”.
Alice takes this comment as a challenge and later in the story she finds her ‘Muchness’ again.
She takes risks, makes decisions, takes ownership of her life and her story.

This moment in the movie really struck me.
I truly believe that losing your ‘Muchness’ can be a huge block on your path.

Many times in our business we find ourselves playing small.
Losing track of who we are and what our business is all about.
We tend to feel stranded and lost and we hide behind our computer making sure we stay very very busy with stuff so we don’t have time to face our true
growth and the full potential that we have in front of us.

Being busy and not doing anything about it is, I believe, one of the
big traps we tend to fall into.
In some ways it is very reassuring to be busy because there is no
space for anything else, no space for risks, no space for new ( maybe
scary) ventures, no space to think, to brainstorm, to take effective
Simply no reason to step outside our comfort zone.
And you know, it is not good right ???
So I would like to ask you today; Where is all your time going right
now ?

– How much time do you spend every week on being busy and doing things
that are not truly related to your expertise?

– How much time do you spend setting up your website, your blog, sending out your
newsletter and managing your social media account….?

Is that your expertise ? Are you spending most of your time serving
your clients and making a difference in their lives ?
If not maybe it is time to delegate some of your to-do list items, to someone else.

Delegation is SCARY !!!I know. I have been there. We have so many
excuses and the two biggest ones are:
– I don’t have the money, and so I can’t afford the help.
– I have to do it myself.

My belief is that you cannot afford NOT to do it, and if it’s not within
your area of expertise than you need to have someone else do it.

It may mean that you need to start small. ( I started with 4 hours a month !) and that
you transfer your work gradually ( I still do some of those things myself but I did let go of a lot in the last few months).

I would like to ask you : What is your Muchness ? what would you do
with your business if you had more time ? What is the big idea that
you could develop?
In order to help you in this journey I have decided to invite a
Virtual Assistant expert to our call this month, on April 27th, for an in
depth interview. see more information below).

I am hoping that you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to find
out more about the best way to delegate, thanks to the new
virtual paradigm that we are now living into.

Love and Celebration