Thank you for helping me celebrate the launch of my new book


in Los Angeles and the premiere of my TEDx Talk in


In WAKE-UP! ( the book and my seminar) I share my 4 fundamental principles to stop living your life half asleep that I applied in my own life:

1. I dare to be brilliant

2. I dare to act at the level of my ambition

3. My words create my reality

4. I protect and feed my source

Those principles are at the very core of my life and I am sure that those who know me personally can confirm that I am doing my best to walk this talk.

WAKE UP! by Christine Lewicki

Thank you for all your support and your words of encouragement to continue to dare be brilliant in all my {im}perfections. I receive many messages from all of you and this encourages me to want to keep going and thrive to push my limits and dare reveal who I am a little more each day!

I am  also so excited about the upcoming “USA BOOK TOUR” in the Fall from September 10 to December 10 2014!  If 
you’d like to invite me as a guest speaker in your organization for a conference in French and /or English, it would be a great pleasure, just contact me or my team!

Love & Respect,

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