How C.L.E.A.R are you in your business? As an entrepreneur, I know how difficult starting or running a business can be without clarity!

As promised, I want to share with you today or for those who have attended my workshops this could be a reminder, that it really doesn’t matter what you do, what you have to offer, how glossy and attractive your website is, how much work and effort you put in your business if you are not C.L.E.A.R!

What is the C.L.E.A.R system? Well, this is my signature system that I teach and speak about in my workshops both in the U.S and France. This is the actual system I use in my own coaching practice with my VIP clients and in my own business as an entrepreneur. This is the system that allowed me to go from feeling like being the best kept secret in town to now truly owning my expertise and experiencing record-breaking sales with my business and my book.

C.L.E.A.R is an acronym I developed after many trial and errors in my own attempt to grow my business. It stands for the following 5 major areas to focus on to make sure you and your business are on the right successful path!

C- CLARIFY your Mission and your Niche
(you can read all about how to define your niche in the previous article) Ask yourself these 3 important questions:
-What is my “no matter what business”?
-What is my contribution?
-How is my business going to change the world?
Remember, without a mission there is a big gap missing, there is no passion, no strategy possible and no message!

L= Look into the Hearts of Your Ideal Clients
You do not sell for yourself, you sell for your clients.To solve their problem. And if you want to solve problems and really be specific and efficient,you cannot target everyone.
Target your ideal clients, the one that will get the most out of your work. The one that you know you can create ” magic” with. Listen carefully to the people who hired you in the past or the one who are inquiring about your services. What are they saying? Where is their pain? What to they want?
Now, when speaking to them use the exact same language (Do not hide behind “pro” jargon) Make them feel you understand them, that you read their thoughts. “People don’t care until they know that YOU care”. Without this step, people won’t listen to you, you won’t be able to connect with them and you won’t have a chance to explain how you can help them.

E- Elaborate your offer so your clients say “YES!”
You are here to serve, create an offer that is aligned with your ideal client’s biggest need and share with them the transformation or result which will take place in your clients’ lives after using your services or product.
Create an irresistible offer. One that your prospective client cannot turn down because it’s exactly what they need (and more). When you craft your offer, don’t think about you. Think about them and craft your products to serve them beyond their expectations.

A- Authentic Selling
What is Selling? Selling is converting prospect into client to the point of getting their credit card information and all you need to complete the transaction. As an Entrepreneur it is YOUR responsibility to guide your client in the decision-making process. Remember that you are here to serve your clients, understand their problem and offer a solution. The big shift that I had to understand as an Entrepreneur is that if I know my offer can truly help my clients them I am doing a huge disservice to them if I am lousy at offering it and enrolling them. Now, when I talk to prospective client I am really seeking to find out if we are a match. Is my service truly what they need? I help them gain clarity and what’s stopping them to reach their goals and what they can do to overcome obstacles. If in the end we both agree that we need to work together then it’s simply DIVINE ! if not,then it’s perfect too because I know it’s not because I fail at selling it’s just because it’s not what they need and I am at PEACE.

R- Reorganize your business and develop your impact with the least effort
As an entrepreneur we tend to always be busy busy busy and let’s admit many entrepreneurs are on the verge of being overwhelmed all day long! We do, do, do and we create a lot of movement. But too many time this movement is up and down and not really forward. When I work on my business and when I coach my clients I am always looking at streamlining and putting our energy on the actions that will have the biggest impact for the business. We try to create a flow and take some time to create a Big picture so that we are not stuck seeing the forest for the trees.

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