It amazes me how we have the tendency to limit ourselves. Some many time we think we can do only what we are use to do and when a challenge ” out of the ordinary” show up we feel overwhelmed. If only we knew that we can do much more ….

As an example, as a mother who travels a lot cross Atlantic , 6 years ago, I had to embrace the challenge of flying 12 hours on my own with a baby. At that time I felt very overwhelmed and I felt that the challenge was huge and I was very stressed. Later on my baby became a Toddler and started to crawl and walk in the aisles of the plane. I thought that this was much more difficult than flying with a baby but I did it.

Well I went from Flying with a baby to flying with a Toddler, and then a Toddler and a baby and today I flew from LA to Paris on my own with a 6 years old, a 4 year old and a 7 months baby. In the past I have been on the verge of emotional crisis before getting in the plane but this time I just trusted that I could do it. It saved me a huge amount of stress.

I guess the past experience helped me a lot in creating this confidence but I truly believe that even the first time I had all the skills to embrace the challenge. I wish I had believed in me !