“No form of human exchange is more profitable than the exchange of ideas.If I give you a thought in return for one of your Thoughts, EACH of us Will Have Gained 100% dividend” Napoleon Hill (inventor of the concept of MasterMind groups) .

Joining a Mastermind group creates a sense of responsibility for each participant. Mastermind groups are prone to succeed or fail according to two factors: namely asking for help and giving help.

For those who will participate in the next MasterMind group and for those who want to know more before joining the group, here is a little insight and some advice.

What happens during a session of MasterMind Group?

There are six steps:

1) Welcome and celebration of what works in your company: your successes, your progress, your moments of brilliance …

2) Call for participants who wish to be in the “hot seat”. The hot seat is designed for people looking for specific feedback on a specific issue.

3) Hot Seat (10/15 minutes per person).

4) Debriefing, assessment, resources and useful things to know when we want to expand our business.

5) Action Plan for each participant.

6) Closure of the session.

What is the mission of a MasterMind Group?
A MasterMind group is a place of support, sharing, and exchange for entrepreneurs so they can achieve their desired success in their business and their lives. The notion of success is of course different for each of us.

What are some goals of the group?
* Building a business that suits you and creates happiness in your life.
* Discover your professional brilliance and success based on your talents and the richness of your true nature.
* Share your goals, commit yourself to the group,excel and be accountable to each other
* Working together in a spirit of respect, kindness and generosity. This group is your tribe.
* Develop your mindset as an entrepreneur in an atmosphere of complete trust and harmony.

What are the important principles to consider?
A MasterMind group creates positive energy that allows each participant to accomplish more than he/she would have accomplished alone. However, you must remember that you are responsible for your own success. Listen to your intuition and know that ultimately, YOU are the CEO of your business. You must make your own decisions and live your final choice.

How to participate in the group in an authentic way?
* Try to give as much as you receive.
* Share your goals and describe them clearly.
* Prepare for each session in advance, not 10 minutes before the session.
* Take notes and stay focused
* Ask questions with respect and understanding
* Help each other to find clarity in his/her situation.
* Listen fully with the longing to hear.
* Share your truth from the heart without trying to lay the blame on anyone.
* Avoid controversial topics such as politics, religion or any other sensitive issue that could reduce the cordial and cooperative spirit of the group.
* To maintain trust among group members, all conversations must remain confidential.
* Respect the fact that everyone sees things differently.
* Do not put down group participants.
* Take time to think before you speak. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the quality of exchanges.
* Beware of preconceptions as it is sometimes the person who knows the least in your area that can give you the best advice by providing a fresh look without assuming how things are “supposed” to be.

Finally, the success of a mastermind group depends largely on the effectiveness of the group leader but the most important factor for the success of the group also depends on your own will to create your own success and contribute to the success of the other participants!

Love & Respect,

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