I just got a great idea ! I want to share with you the music that is lifting my days, fueling my soul and keeping me going on my purpose.

When I first had this thought last Sunday, I was so excited and then my gremlin voice told me that I could not. That this blog is more of a business blog and I can’t just add music, I am not a teenager anymore !

But guess what ? I don’t care ! Music and dance had such a big impact on my success. It allowed to step out of my brain and step into my heart and soul to make big decision. So I deeply feel that I want this to be part of this blog. So from now on I will post here some music title that I have been listening and that brought me breakthrough.
I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

And today I would like to start with “Love is my Religion” from Ziggy Marley


Love and Respect,