Scoot Noelle is totally in line with the ” Reframe” I use in my coaching Practice. Soooo many times we say:” I need to do this”, ” I need to cook dinner”, ” I need to finish my project”.
“I need to call my client”…. But What about what do you WANT ? Many time just Reframning from I need to I want create so much Power. Nothing is imposed on you anymore. Many time we do things because WE CHOOSE TO, WE WANT TO. I choose to cook Dinner because I want to bring a Healthy meal on the table. So it is not really a NEED !

Read this article and tell me what do you think.


:: Needs and Desires, Part 2 ::

There is no difference between a need
and a desire. For example:

“I need some water.”
“I desire some water.”

In either case, a drink of water would fulfill the need/desire. The difference is in your perception.

When you’re painfully thirsty, your interest in water is perceived as a need. When you feel okay as
you are, but would Love a drink of water, your interest is perceived as a desire.

In other words, needs tend to focus on the painful consequences of non-fulfillment, while desires are
more focused on the pleasure of fulfillment.

Our culture takes pain more seriously than pleasure, so we often call our desires “needs” in hopes of having them taken seriously (or to justify forcing the desired outcome).

A more authentic approach is to start taking your desires seriously. That means re-connecting with your inherent worthiness — and your children’s, too.

Today, notice when you’re perceiving your child or yourself to be in need. Acknowledge that the need is valid, but then re-focus on their/your desire and the joyful anticipation of its fulfillment…

Which focus is more inspiring?

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