It is so simple ! sometimes we think we are committed to something ( our kids, our marriage, our financial success…) but when we look at what is showing up in our lives, it is very different.
Our marriage is not going well, we are getting very frustrated with the kids or we are really struggling to expand our financial situation.

The reason for that is explained by ICA ( International Coach Academy) with the idea of Automatic Underlying commitment.
The idea is that there is 2 types of commitments, the ones we choose and the Underlying ones.
Maybe you don’t own that second kind of commitment but it owns your actions.

Why do we continue to have outcomes, fall into situations, or have problems and issues in our lives which we don’t want to have ?
Why can’t we achieve what we really want in that particular area of our lives ?
What is stopping us ?

The underlying Automatic commitments are beliefs or judgments which we hold on to about ourselves, our universe and those around us.
It can be the Universal UAC ” I am not good enough” or ” there is not enough for everyone”….

To uncover your own UAC you can ask yourself ” what could you be proving by having this results in your life ?” or ” What belief, opinions, or judgment could you be reinforcing by constantly creating that outcome?”

Once you have CLARITY about what is leading your actions, then you can decide to change and act against your UAC. There is no real need to know why this UAC is in your life, where does it comes from… You can decide to act and create your life without it.

What do you think ?