Imagine your day, imagine your month, imagine your life !

This week I listened to Reverend Michael from AGAPE ( He invented a new word. He was asking us to Pre-enact our lives.

It means to start by the end of the day, the month, the year…, go to the end at the beginning.

Imagine waking up telling yourself ” Whaoo that was an amazing day !”, Imagine your are old and you had the best life ever. Stay there for a few minutes…..

I know it is a little bizarre but try it just for the fun !

The idea is to start from Glory to greater Glory.

If you pre-enact your day like it was the best day ever, you have higher potential to Re-enact it even better.

Your actual real day is gonna be a re-enactment of that amazing day, except even better. It is gonna be better because you started from glory.

If you are Spiritual, this may talk to you more. You know I believe that you get what you are praying from, not what you are praying for.

You can choose to see what is miserable in your life and pray for something better or different ” please give me a new job, I don’t have enough money, Please heal my friend who is sick, please help me getting out of this crazy situation ….” or you can choose to pray from a place of gratitude “I am grateful I have a job, Thank you for my family and my home, Thank you for my Friendship, Thank you for being there for me…”

Don’t go backward into resentment and vengeance, Rise up !