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Translated from the French version for our American readers:

According to Christine Lewicki, Business coach and founder of O Coaching, the growth and development of a business goes through the entrepreneurs’ will to heal the wounds of the past, confront inner blocks, identify and most of all affirm the heart of his/her business.

This is what she teaches entrepreneurs through her MasterMind Groups and her C.L.E.A.R method.

For those who have not met Christine Lewicki yet, she introduces herself….

I am the founder and director of O Coaching created in July 2005 based in Los Angeles, California (USA) – Certified Business coach, I am also speaker, trainer and group leader of the MasterMind Groups for entrepreneurs. I have clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. I am also a mom to 3 children from 10 to 4 years old.

Before starting O Coaching, I was assistant Human Resources Director in the group in Lyon then Human Resources Director at the Strasbourg FNAC, in alignment with my initial training since I hold a Masters in Human Resources and a Masters in Sociology with an option in Economy.

How did you become an ”entrepreneur” and what was your path like?

I did not have a hard time starting but it was a struggle to build my own “highway” and bring my business on an exciting autopilot speed. When I first started, I quickly found out that I had a talent o bring out the best in people: after 6 months, my first client tripled her income…but yet, it wasn’t enough to attract more clients. I suffered from not being able to earn enough and contribute in my field.

To make a long story short, the first 4 years of my business were very taxing. At the time I had also given birth to my little girl so I took things in stride. Then in 2009 I could no longer stand it and knew that I could serve a lot more clients I decide to invest in myself (a big step) and to be mentored by two people who taught me the “Business Game”. From that day on, everything started to change, I started my way uphill at the end of 2009 and reached the peak in Spring 2010.

How did you make it? What did you do different?

As I explained before, close to 4 years after starting my business, I decide to hire two mentors, experienced coaches in marketing and sales who helped me find the heart of my expertise and sell authentically. Since then, I have a blast and I am completely comfortable in what I do, which my clients feel.

What was the “tipping point”?

The turning point took place thanks to 4 factors:

My own self realization: “to be a good coach was not sufficient, I had to become an entrepreneur” and handle sales, marketing, development strategy
With a different outlook and a different approach. My pride “ I am a coach and I can call on outside help to assist me. I am not supposed to know it all and make it alone.” I allowed myself to invest in myself because investing in a good mentor or a very experienced coach is very costly. But, I believe that my pain remains the major pillar of my turning point “ The feeling of stagnation and not being able to express and offer my expertise to others.” took place in March 2009.

How do you manage to assist your clients with the distance? Doesn’t coaching require face-to-face interaction?

It’s an error of perception! 80% of coaching takes place at a distance. Coaching through Skype or by phone works just as well… I’d like to add that I handle all communication charges for my clients no matter where I am located, so they have no logistic worries.

My first client was French, based in France and I coached her via telephone/SKYPE from the US.

O Coaching, a name that rings well in all languages…

Yes, my family name being difficult to pronounce in the US especially, I chose a clear, easy to remember name and to pronounce in any language.

In O Coaching, the O symbolizes the fact that all is related: professional and personal lives are interdependent. I firmly believe that work is the best game field to get to know one self, grow, contribute and blossom. One must go within oneself to forge ahead in all areas.

So tell us everything about O Coaching…

My passion is to help my clients to “Feel like a Ferrari on the Entrepreneurial Road”. I love helping my clients live their profound values in their business. I help them to vehicle their mission, affirm their expertise and sell from their guts an offer that appeals really to the needs of their ideal clients…

I assist my clients with my method called C.L.E.A.R no matter what the format of the consultation,

BUSINESS COACH – private sessions if I feel that the individual has very specific needs and would not benefit joining one of my groups.

GROUP LEADER – for MasterMind Groups which is a coaching format for a period of 6 – 12 months and allows clients to receive monthly sessions with me in addition to group work which allows the collective genius to operate as all members are working one on one with me, have the same language and contribute to each others projects. I actually have 3 on-going MasterMind Groups.

SPEAKER – parallel to Coaching, I am also a professional speaker and I like to share my experience in conferences or in entrepreneurial events. I also organize once a month a free teleconference for entrepreneurs and I am often invited to entrepreneurial networks and at the Coaching federation of Los Angeles (USA), in France I was keynote speaker at the Mampreneurs Spring of 2010.

I also lead once or twice a year a day in Paris, France with the theme
“Awaken the Entrepreneur Within” which brings fresh ideas and revolutionizes the way Entrepreneurs operate in Europe,

What makes you different?

I bring to the ambitious of f our “ Douce France” the “American Dream” mentality – I have been immersed in the entrepreneurial world as a child and for the last 10 years in Los Angeles. I have a vision of being and entrepreneur that is fresh and exciting. I share tools with my clients that I practice myself which allowed me to quadruple my earnings. I help my clients develop their “ No Matter What Business” . I help them find the business they have to succeed at because their have a profound mission to serve beyond financial reasons. Their financial success is the result of their contribution. It has therefore no limits.

Is there a specific profile type for your clients?

My target since the beginning was entrepreneurs and leaders in France and the US. I have to admit that I have a little weakness for Mompreneurs because I can totally identify myself with their projects, needs and challenges since I am myself a mom and an entrepreneur.

Since the beginning, I contacted Celine Feline, the founder of the Association of Mampreneurs in France to introduce my activity and when the time was right she contacted me to speak at one of the Mampreneurs events “ Printemps des Mampreneurs”, a major event for this association. That day I realized the wealth and impact that I could bring to French entrepreneurs. Following this event about 50 people requested to talk to me. I chose to spend my week off without the kids in Paris to meet with each and every one of these women and to listen to them to better understand and assist them.

You are what is called a 2.0 Coach, right?

Yes, I use my blogs “Christine Lewicki “and “J’arrete de raler” to speak about what I think and feel is important. I also contribute to blogs in particular Entrepreneuses Mag in the section Women & Business Around the World .

I also use the following social networks:

Facebook to stay in touch with people I know or to get better acquainted with people I meet. This is my way to still be present in France even though I am thousands of miles away. Facebook is also an excellent tool to communicate about what I do and brings traffic on my blogs.

LinkedIn is my professional network by excellence because I am very selective on my contacts and only connect with like-minded people in business.

Viadeo and Twitter I use lightly and sync them with my more active profiles to keep up a presence on the important social media networks.

Are you active on Business and Women Networks?

Very much so in the US, and especially at First Tuesdays, Savor the Success, Coaching Federation Board of Directors.

What are you needs?

To find networks interested in hosting live free seminars during my trip to Paris or through Teleconferences on the theme of “ Feel Like a Ferrari on the Entrepreneurial Road”

Are you looking for partners to develop this concept?

Everything is possible…. Another turn will be necessary to go in this direction…but I do want to explore it when the time is right.

This will depend on the meetings I make because I choose to only work with the right people: those that will support my vision.

Your projects today and your future plans?

Publish my book based on my blog: ” J’arrête de raler” with Eyrolles Publishing and launch a new Mastermind Group with French entrepreneurs.

Last words…

Being an entrepreneur is an opportunity, an opportunity to find oneself, an opportunity to grow, to use your talents. Be aware though that the next step of your activity will most probably involve having to overcome some limited beliefs that you hold about yourself such as: “ I am not capable”, “ I am not good enough”. “ I don’t have what it takes”. “ I am not professional enough” and that in the end do not serve you!”

Thank you FAMACTIVE!