In this Ted talk Your Elusive Creative Genius, Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) believes that instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” an inner genius. She points out the fact that, although it’s her inner genius who’s responsible for the creative goodness that might come through her on any given day, it’s HER responsibility to show up to write.

I so completely agree with her approach. In my latest book Wake-UP !  I share with my readers 4 fundamentals principles to stop living your life half asleep . The very 1st principle is “I DARE TO BE BRILLANT”. Yes we all have some brilliance in us, this little ” je ne sais quoi” that makes us who we are.  I deeply believe that our most profound purpose in this life is to give ourselves permission to shine our light, to use everyday as an opportunity to be even more ourselves.

But being conscious about our brilliance is not enough ! we have to align our actions with this brilliance. We have to SHOW UP for our genius. We have to  end the cycle of procrastination and embrace the bliss of discipline. This is why the second of the 4 principles is “I act a the level of my ambition”.  It is our DAILY ACTIONS that will create the life we want. It is our commitment to act at the level of our brilliance that will allow us to truly make a contribution in this life. Our brilliance doesn’t exist without our actions. You need to write the book to become an author, to start the business to become an entrepreneur, to prepare your presentation to be a public speaker. I would like to invite you to  stop the cycle of fear, lack and limitations and embrace the incredibly fulfilling ride of purpose, courage and commitment.

Let’s stop wasting our time, money and energy trying to fill up our empty lives with stuff or meaningless distractions.

The path to true fulfillment is not about having more stuff. It’s about revealing our inner genius, stepping out of our comfort zone and  creating situations that will force us to reveal our brilliance.

Yes, we all have fears and the question is: “Why are we so afraid to do what we were meant to do on this earth? “ In this video, Elizabeth explores among other  things the answers to that question and urges us to “Continue and keep showing up  to do your job!”

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Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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