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For a while now, I started a new tradition of defining a key word at the start of each new year. There was the EPIC year, then the DANCING year and in 2015 I’d like to invite you to share with me the word IMPACT! and along with this word, the great fundamental question:

What impact do you want to create in your life and make a reality ? 

Let’s take a minute to envision the year 2015 : we have a choice to make. Will we let this year go by and devote all our energy to managing everything that is thrown at us and feel bombarded from all sides OR will we give ourselves permission {and the means} to do what we really aspire to do and become the person that we really thrive to become ?

If you are tempted by the second option, I’d like to share a little truth with you: Be aware that should you choose to embark on the quest of creating more Impact , it is essential to have the discipline to schedule in  “sacred” spaces in your agendas ( yes , I know they’re already so overbooked)  to devote regular time to nourish and make progress on your projects.

You may also have to learn to “say NO”  to other projects or other requests that you probably already know are taking you away from your great work or calling.  Whether it be writing a book, a career change, or the development of a business aligned with your values and talents, nothing will be accomplished if you do not connect regularly with your creative power.

How long have you nursed your project?  How many times did the spiral of daily life take over and prevented you from progressing?  What if in 2015 we learned to remove all distractions and to say “NO” to diversions?  What if we dare to focus all our energy and even maybe seek out some help such as a coach or other to learn how to aim right on target and thus create a real IMPACT in our lives?

In 2015 I would like to highly encourage you to give yourself permission to hire some help. Hire a coach ( if you are French, learn about my exclusive {Cercle} Wake-up coaching & mentoring group ), hire a team, surround yourself with people who are going to help you increase your impact.

What would 2015 look like if you became a true leader of your life, if you took charge of your destiny ?

My wish for you: “In 2015, let’s stop letting things happen TO YOU and start making things happen FOR YOU!”

  in 2015

Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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