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Meet & Greet with Christine Lewicki 

Hosted by Ecole ClaireFontaine

 Tuesday January 13, 2015-   9:30 – 11 :00 AM 

at Primitivo Restaurant 

1025 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Christine Lewicki, author of the French  bestseller: “: J’arrête de râler! aka “I Quit Complaining and {bitching}” (+ 150 000 copies sold), “I Quit Complaining About my Kids  {and My Spouse} “ and the latest “WAKE-UP!  4 Fundamental Principles to Stop Living Life Half Asleep!” Her passion is to help ordinary people create {extra} ordinary lives one {im}perfect action at a time to reveal the genius and the power that is in you!

“Let’s Quit Complaining About Our Kids… {and Spouse}!”

  • Are you sick and tired of not feeling heard in your own home and that the atmosphere is always too stressed?
  • Do you sometimes feel that no one will ever  be satisfied (including you)?
  • You had imagined a family life that rhymes with respect, cooperation, goodwill,and pleasure but in reality  it sometimes resembles a battle field.
  • You wake up one morning and realize that parenthood has drained your relationship of all its glamour and that you became the parents you vowed not to become… you are curious to find out  what could become possible if you removed the complaining { and bitching} from your household.