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Last month I had the great joy to work and coach 15 participants who attended my Wake-Up!  seminar retreat in Ojai, California. Some came from far away ( France, Belgium, Tahiti) and others are local members of the French expat community in the United States. Take a look at the pictures and videos HERE. 

As I relive in my head these three days spent together, what strikes me the most is the distance I made on my path these last few years to embody my own life. I remember telling my husband:“ I feel good, I feel grounded, I feel solid, confident and at peace in my body.“ I was celebrating this delicious sensation and at the same time telling myself that I’d come a very long way.

How many years had I spent trying “ to be like what others expected of me?” “ How many times did I feel fragile, ungrounded and undermined in the eyes of others, compared to those who seemed to know much more than I or to master the subject more?

Too often in a position of self-judgement but also judging my body,  I vacillated between not feeling enough or feeling too much!  From all this excess ( like yours perhaps) my head was overflowing with all these daily preoccupations and I ended up spending a great deal of my day half-asleep.  I was there but in reality I wasn’t there. I had lost the connection with myself. I was stuck in analysing the past or projecting into the future and I totally missed what was happening in the here and now.

However, in Ojai I had a revelation. I had never experienced such a feeling to really be in my place in the present moment with all the participants. I realized that I had actually spent a big portion of my life living a few centimeters away from my body and that finally I was coming back fully to myself. 

dancing in the sunlight NIAWhat took place BEFORE and NOW ? Before, I put my attention on the outside of myself. These last few years I learned to honor what was inside of me and what was seeking to be revealed.  I fed my soul with wise and spiritual teachings. I learned to listen to my intuition and take care of my source, of my inspiration. I especially learned that these were not frivolities and that on the contrary I had to make it a priority. I create the space in my daily life to honor my body and explore all its possibilities (among which the regular practice of dance, yoga and nature walks)  I learned to breathe, I learned to reconnect with the peace of the present moment, I learned to explore the possibilities of my body and of my life. Little by little, I allowed myself to be reborn to my life to be able to fully embody and share it today. 

I invite you to discover my new blog article on this topic: “There’s no escaping the discomfort zone”.

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 Love & Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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