You Don’t Have to Try SO HARD if You Look at the Big Picture

I talked to a client recently who was telling me that she was completely lost because people everywhere were telling her: You should start a blog; you should be on Twitter; you should start a Yahoo group; you should have a list; you should do teleseminars, … She asked me: What should I do??? My answer was, “ Don’t do ANYTHING until you are sure that what you are doing makes sense in your marketing flow.”

I see way too many entrepreneurs being WAY TOO BUSY, trying so hard in every direction. They try one thing here and one thing there, but they never get the results they want because they forget ONE thing:

The Big Picture.

For example, I talked to another client who wanted to put together a live 3-hour seminar to teach people about getting organized. She was going to rent a room, spend hours and hours creating the content of the seminar, craft a flyer targeted to everyone who was tired of their mess, and exhaust herself to fill the room. In the end she was going to sell the seminar for $29/person. Her hope was to get one private client from it. That’s it.

We then went ahead and calculated that the gross of her event was going to be $300 (and a lot of exhaustion). That would have left her where she started with maybe a handful of short-term clients.

She had no big picture in mind, no strategy, no marketing flow. She had just one event and hours and hours of work and stress.

If you recognize yourself in this description (I made the same mistake when I got started): STOP.

It’s time to start thinking of The Big Picture.

When you are planning a workshop or event, what is the bigger goal you have in mind? Isn’t the reason for running your business to continually grow the numbers of people you are reaching with your message and offerings?

When I talked to my client who wanted to create the 3-hour workshop, I asked her: What’s after the workshop? What is your plan to enroll people?

You see her workshop was her opportunity to enroll people into her packages. It was her opportunity to sign up clients to work with her on a longer-term basis. They were coming to her workshop because they had some pain in the area of her expertise and they wanted to get out of it. By being present in the room, and investing their precious time, they showed some interest. They were what I call qualified leads.  They were engaged and hungry for her material. The workshop was just a taste of what she had to offer. What would be her offer at the end of the workshop? What would she offer the people who wanted to go deeper — the ones who wanted a more complete and thorough solution?

We talked about creating a compelling package, the steps to make it stick, and how to get people started right away. We talked about how people can be completely stuck in their lives because they are constantly “thinking” about what to do, and they are constantly spinning because they cannot make a decision. We talked about how it’s our responsibility as entrepreneurs to help people make up their mind and TAKE ACTION to improve their lives.

Ultimately, it is up to us as entrepreneurs to have an enrollment system in place so we can serve the people who need us most and continually grow our business. If we know that we have something that can help people deeply, then it’s a disservice not to enroll them into our services.

This means we need to think about The Big Picture.

Have you stopped to think about The Big Picture in your business? Do you have a marketing flow in place?

I’ll be talking about how to put together marketing flow in an upcoming article!

Love & Respect,

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