Looking to buy another Domain name

//Looking to buy another Domain name

Hello my dear Ambitious Mothers,

I really wish I could buy the Domain name “ambitious Mothers” but it is not available.

My New business name is O Coaching and I am getting very good feedback about it.

O because it is pronounced the same in French and English ( convenient since I have clients in France too). O because Life is Whole. You can’t run your Business or your career wearing ONLY your professional Identity. You are a Mother too and you want to create Success at work and Harmony at home at the same time.

O represents the grounding Feeling, when you are connected to your own Power and you are able to use it in your Environment to get RESULTS.

I want to buy other domains name to offer my services ( one on one Coaching, Teleclasses, MasterMind Groups….).

What do you think of the following names:





I would love your Feedback.

Love and Respect,

Christine Lewicki

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  1. Olivier - Quotidien Durable 18 avril 2008 à 6 h 10 min

    In fact I’d rather use none of these….
    The probleme you might have is that people might not remember the exact name. They’d keep “ambitious mothers” in mind but would forget the rest.
    We have the same issue with easycovoiturage.com, nobody remember the easy part, and people finally end at our competitors covoiturage.com.

  2. christinelewicki 18 avril 2008 à 16 h 52 min

    In fact, when you type in ambitious Mothers on google, my blogs, website and MasterMind group page come up first. It seems that I am the one using this expression the most !!
    Ambitious mothers really recognize themselves in my programs.
    I hear ” hey, That’s me ! I am an Ambitious Mothers , I like that !”

  3. fordy 18 avril 2008 à 21 h 15 min

    Why don’t you try http://www.domainnamesoup.com to find available domain names

  4. Jeannie Elmstrom 20 avril 2008 à 21 h 31 min

    Hi Christine,
    I vote for “ambitious mothers rock!” Because we do!!

  5. christinelewicki 20 avril 2008 à 22 h 58 min

    Thank you Fordy. I went to domainnamesoup.com and it as really helpful.
    Jeannie and Olivier, Today I was thinking about CEOmoms, or Businessmoms.
    What do you Think ?
    I agree that even thought the name ambitious mothers is not used the domain name is taken by someone else !

  6. christinelewicki 21 avril 2008 à 17 h 52 min

    Forget CEO moms it is already used

  7. christinelewicki 21 avril 2008 à 17 h 53 min

    I’ll stick with Ocoaching and we will see 🙂

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