Hello my dear Ambitious Mothers,

I really wish I could buy the Domain name “ambitious Mothers” but it is not available.

My New business name is O Coaching and I am getting very good feedback about it.

O because it is pronounced the same in French and English ( convenient since I have clients in France too). O because Life is Whole. You can’t run your Business or your career wearing ONLY your professional Identity. You are a Mother too and you want to create Success at work and Harmony at home at the same time.

O represents the grounding Feeling, when you are connected to your own Power and you are able to use it in your Environment to get RESULTS.

I want to buy other domains name to offer my services ( one on one Coaching, Teleclasses, MasterMind Groups….).

What do you think of the following names:





I would love your Feedback.

Love and Respect,

Christine Lewicki