My Body Made Me Do It !

//My Body Made Me Do It !

My Body Made Me Do It!

I am a mother of 3 girls, ages 8, 5 and 2 years old. And I am an entrepreneur. I am very busy all the time, and on top of this, my in-laws are coming today from Paris to stay in our home for one month.

We all know that we have to take care of ourselves and squeeze in some self-care activity. But in reality, we always seem to put ourselves last on the list! There is some self-care activities that I just loooove. Every time I take a yoga class I promise myself that I will do it at least twice a week. Recently I discovered Nia* and was so excited that I went home and announced to my family that I wanted to go at least every Saturday morning.

Well, I haven’t been to a yoga class in 6 months, and I took only two Nia classes in the last two months. I have been running and doing some grueling cardio exercises to keep fit, but I seem to have a hard time allowing myself to simply relax and have fun dancing or doing asanas.

Today I had a wake up call because I actually couldn’t get up from my bed!

My back was killing me from vacuuming my car yesterday and lifting my toddler from her crib. That’s when I realized that if I don’t allow my body to take it more slowly, then my body will do it for me. And it hurts!

So today I finally did put myself first:

  • before my clients

  • before the business opportunities that I want to grab and the challenges that I am ready to overcome

  • before everything on my to-do list (getting the room ready for my guests, folding the 4 loads of laundry and putting them away, updating my database, following up with my leads, finishing an article on 5 tips for the Success Minded Mother Entrepreneur….)

I would allow myself to use a gift certificate and enjoy a one-hour FULL BODY massage! I pulled out the certificate, and it was dated December 2006!

*”Nia is a well-being fitness and lifestyle program. It is the original and most advanced form of fitness fusion. Nia blends the martial arts, the healing arts and the dance arts to create a high powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match. Nia is a blend of form (simple choreography) and freedom (freedance). The music is uplifting and inspiring. Nia is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. It’s all about the Joy of Movement!”

Courtesy of the Center for Nia and Yoga

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  1. Joelle 8 novembre 2008 à 8 h 17 min

    Merci de cet article si vrai! Je suis contente de savoir que je ne suis pas la seule dans ce cas. Mais les annees passant, mes enfants ayant grandi, j’ai trouve une tres belle solution. Je quitte la Ville des Anges a peu pres tous les trois mois et je viens vivre 2 semaines aupres de ma maman a Montpellier, en France.
    Je prends le temps de faire les courses, d’admirer les etals, de cuisiner de tres simples repas et surtout de bonnes soupes, nous marchons a petits pas dans nos balades d’apres midi, nous nous levons tard et nous couchons de bonne heure, je prends meme le temps de lire dans mon lit! Apres cette cure de “sage vieillesse”, je peux retrouver l’ecole Claire Fontaine tres active en toute serenite! J’ajouterai aussi qu’en famille, lorsque mes enfants etaient plus jeunes, la grasse matinee du samedi matin ou des jours de vacances etait obligatoire, pour une demi-heure, 1 heure ou 2, regle imperative, qui m’a beaucoup aidee.
    Bonne continuation,

  2. Jeannie Elmstrom 9 novembre 2008 à 0 h 11 min

    Thank you, Christine, for this article. I think you summed up the collective mother-entrepreneur consciousness! It struck such a chord in me, how we always work-work-work and always take care of ourselves when everything else is done…and it never is! It is a great reminder. Thank you!!!

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