Recently I was getting ready for my MasterMind Group and decided to put on
the Agenda : our vision for 2009.
The morning of my meeting as I was getting ready for my day, I stopped and
wondered : What is my vision ? What is it that I want to be a priority for
me in 2009 ?

I always like to add a value that I would like to improve, in 2008 it was
generosity ( I always feel that I could be more generous so I made this a
priority for 2008 and I am finishing my year with FREE coaching week for
Entrepreneurs this month)
This year I want to be more humble. I want to acknowledge that even when I
think I know something, I probably really don’t know anything !

For my Business, I want to have a nice flow of clients with a number of 15
clients a month and I want to work on my book: The power of Celebration.

Instead of looking at the number 15 and feel overwhelmed because the big
challenge is to keep 15 clients at all time so I need a nice flow .
I have decided to work with different phases:
By the end of March, I want to have 10 clients a month.
By the end of June I want to have 15 clients
The last 6 months of the year I will work on maintaining the flow so I can
keep 15 clients at all time.

Now it feels completely possible.

I am excited about working on my book. I have been writing here and there
but I feel that it is time to use my Voice and put something together for
others to enjoy !
Sometimes I think to myself ” I am not a writer” but then I open my google
doc on the power of Celebration and I can’t stop writing so I guess I am a
Writer after all !!!