So many time we look at what is not working in our lives. We look at everything that is going wrong and we complain ! It feel good to complain in a way. We get to receive people’s empathy and love in our misery, isn’t it ?

And many time when we think about what is not working, we blame others for the situation. We feel like a victim.

Well Since the release of the movie ” The Secret ” ( now realize that putting our energy on what we don’t want is actually gonna create more of that ! You are frustrated because you don’t want the job you have or your don’t want the boss you have, or you don’t want the body you have……(the list of what we don’t want is endless). By thinking too much or being frustrated by what we don’t want we create more of that.

When I learned to snowboard in the Alpes in France, my instructor kept telling me ” don’t look at the ground or you will fall”. Don’t look at were you don’t want to go. Look up and you will stay up ! That’s a great lesson to apply in life isn’t it ?

Try it ! Keep yourself motivated and passionate about your goals. Use positive affirmation about what you want. This will have the tendency to create more of what you want. Don’t look too much at the problem but instead STAY FOCUS ON THE SOLUTION. That’s the only way to MOVE FORWARD.